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AEM 4581: Mechanics of Solids

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AEM 4581

Mechanics of Solids

3 Credits


Catalog Description:


Continuum mechanics in one dimension: kinematics; mass, momentum/energy, constitutive theory. Wave propagation, heat conduction. Strings. Euler-Bernoulli theory. 3-D deformations/stress. Topics from fracture mechanics, structural stability, vibrations, thin films, layered media, smart materials, phase transformations, 3-D elastic wave propagation. Elasticity, viscoelasticity, plasticity.


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Prerequisites by Topic:


  1. Linear Algebra and Differential equations (Math 2373)
  2. Multivariable Calculus (Math 2374)
  3. Deformable Body Mechanics (AEM 3031)






Format of Course:


3 hours of lecture per week


Computer Usage:




Course Objectives:


The objectives of this course are to introduce students to continuum mechanics, elasticity theory and solid mechanics. The course is intended for students who are thinking about advanced studies in engineering.


Course Outcomes:


Students who successfully complete the course will demonstrate the following outcomes by tests and homework:

  1. An understanding of continuum mechanics in one spatial dimension, including kinematics, balances of mass, momentum and energy, jump conditions, constitutive theory
  2. An understanding of the differences between linear elasticity and nonlinear elasticity
  3. A knowledge of different constitutive equations


Relationship of course to program objectives:


The course develops the mathematical skills needed for students who are interested in advanced study in engineering or other fields


Relationship of course to program outcomes:


The course provides the following outcomes:


  1. Apply mathematics
  2. Identify engineering problems


Course Outline:


(Hrs, approx.)



One dimensional continuum mechanics


Strings and rods


Three dimensional deformations


Topics from solid mechanics


Outcome Measurement:


Outcomes will be measured through homework and exams.


Student Survey Questions:


This course improved by ability to do the following:


1.      Apply knowledge of math, science and engineering.

2.      Identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems.


Please answer the following questions regarding the course:


3.      The level of work required in the course was appropriate for the credit given.

4.      My background in mathematics and deformable body mechanics was adequate.


In this course, I acquired the following:


5.      An understanding of continuum mechanics in one dimension

6.      An ability to formulate the balances of mass, momentum and energy.

7.      An understanding of how constitutive equations enter continuum mechanics.

8.      An ability to formulate one-dimensional elasticity problems.

9.      An  understanding of string, rod and beam theories

10.  An introduction to modern solid mechanics topics.


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