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AEM 3100: Software Applications in AEM

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AEM 3100

Software Applications in AEM

1 Credit


Catalog Description:


Topics covering software applications for problems of interest.


Course Web Address:


Prerequisites by Topic:


1.      Introduction to C/C++ (CSCI 1113)




Depends on topic


Format of Course:


Topics course:† topics on various software applications in AEM each of 1 hour of lecture per week.† Students may repeat course to take different topics


Computer Usage:


Required, but varies by topic.


Course Objectives:


Introduce students to software of use to aerospace engineers and improve their ability to use programs that they are already familiar with.


Course Outcomes:


Students who successfully complete the course will demonstrate the following outcomes by computer assignments


  1. An ability to use the techniques, skills, modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.


Relationship of course to program objectives:


This is not a required course but it directly addresses the studentís ability to use modern computer tools as practicing engineers.


Relationship of course to program outcomes:


This course provides the following outcomes:


1.      Engineering tools


Course Outline:


Varies by topic


Outcome Measurement:




Student Survey Questions:


In this course I gained:


1.      An ability to use some of the modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.


Please answer the following questions regarding the course:


2.      The course materials (handouts, text, etc) were clearly written and appropriate for the course.

3.      The assignments helped me to understand the concepts presented in the course.

4.      The level of work required in this course was appropriate for the credit given.

5.      Knowing what this topic covers, I would take this topic again.


In this course I acquired the following:


6.      A knowledge of the software covered by the course topic.


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