Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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General Syllabus AEM 8202

Catalog Description:

AEM 8202. Fluid Mechanics II. (3.0 cr; prereq 8201) Analysis of incompressible viscous flow; creeping flows; boundary layer flow.


  • Fundamental Mechanics of Fluids, I.G. Currie (not required)
    Other references:
  • Incompressible Fluid Flow, R.L. Panton
  • Viscous Fluid Flows, F.M. White
  • An Album of Fluid Motion, M. Van Dyke
  • An Introduction to Fluid Dynamics, G.K. Batchelor
  • Physical Fluid Dynamics, D. Tritton
  • Boundary Layer Theory, H. Schlichting

Course Outcomes:

Students who successfully complete the course will demonstrate the following outcomes by homework, quizzes and final exam.

Course Outline

  Potential flows - Stream and potential functions
- Complex potential function
- Singularities, superposition
- Method of images
- Blasius' Theorem
  Viscous flows - Exact solutions to Navier-Stokes equations
- Creeping flows
- Boundary layers
- Similarity solutions, approximate solutions
- Pressure gradients and separation
- Jets, mixing layers, and wakes
  Flow instability - Taylor-Couette flow
- Parallel flows
  Introduction to Transition and Turbulence  

Outcome Measurement:

Your grade will be determined by the following components:

  • Homework 30%
  • Midterm Exam=30%
  • Final Exam 40%

A number of homework problems will be assigned. The homework will be designed to give you practice in applying basic equations and solution methods in order to gain physical insight about various flows and geometries.

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