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General Syllabus AEM 5501

Catalog Description:

AEM 5501. Continuum Mechanics. (3.0 cr; prereq IT upper div or grad, 3031, Math 2243 or equiv or #) Concepts common to all continuous media; elements of tensor analysis; motion, deformation, vorticity; material derivatives; mass, continuity equation; balance of linear, angular momentum; geometric characterization of stress; constitutive equations. Effective: Fall 1999



  • at the bookstore for $9.95: Continuum Mechanics, by Chadwick, Dover Publications Inc.
  • at the bookstore for $82.60 (same price as Introduction to Mechanics of a Continuous Medium, by Malvern, Prentice Hall.
  • Cartesian Tensors, by Sir H. Jefferys, Cambridge University Press, 1952.
  • Schaum's Outline Series - Theory and Problems of Continuum Mechanics, by G. E. Mase, McGraw-Hill, 1970.
  • Mechanics, By E. A. Fox, Harper and Row, 1967.
  • A First Course in Continuum Mechanics, by Y. C. Fung, Prentice-Hall, 2nd ed., 1977.
  • Continuum Mechanics, by P. G. Hodge, Jr., McGraw-Hill, 1970.
  • Mechanics of Continua, by A. C. Eringen, John Wiley and Sons, 1967.

Course Outcomes:

Students who successfully complete the course will demonstrate the following outcomes by homework, quizzes and exams.

Course Outline

 Week  Topic
  1. Cartesian tensors and indicial notation
  2. Kinematics: strain measures, deformation rates, etc.
  3. Balance Laws: Momentum, Energy and Mass
  4. Constitutive equations
  5. Field Theory Examples: Linear and Finite elasticity, ideal fluids, etc., as time permits.

Outcome Measurement:

Your grade will be determined by the following components:

  • Homework=50%
  • Midterm*=25%
  • Final Exam*=25%

* No electronic devices may be used during this exam.

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