Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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General Syllabus AEM 5401

Catalog Description:

AEM 5401. Intermediate Dynamics. (3.0 cr; prereq IT upper div or grad, 2012, Math 2243) Three-dimensional Newtonian mechanics, kinematics of rigid bodies, dynamics of rigid bodies, generalized coordinates, holonomic constraints, Lagrange equations, applications.


  • Classical Mechanics, Chow, John Wiley, 1995. (Fall 2000)

Course Objectives:

Develop a deep understanding of the fundamentals of analytical dynamics and applications to mechanical systems

Course Outcomes:

Students who successfully complete the course will demonstrate the following outcomes by homework, quizzes and final exam.

Course Outline

 Week  Topic  Reading Assignment
 1-3 I. Newton's Laws
and coordinate systems, collections of particles, constraints, and conservation laws.
 Chs 1 and 2
 4-6 II. Gravitational Two-body Problem and very limited three-body problems  Ch 6
 7-9 III. Lagrangian Mechanics
D'Alembert's Principle, Calculus of Variations and Hamilton's Principle, Constants of the motion, Constraints and Lagrange multipliers, Hamilton's equations and phase space.
  Ch 4
 10-12 IV. Trajectories
Linear systems and normal modes, small nonlinear effects, large nonlinearities.
 Chs 11 and 8
 13-15 V. Rigid Body Motion
Moment-free motion, symmetric top, chains and robots
Chs 12

Outcome Measurement:

Homework will be collected and graded. A one-hour midsemester exam will be scheduled after topic III. A two-hour final will be given at the time scheduled in the course schedule. The grade for the semester will be based on the grades for the homework, midsemester and final with approximately the following weightings:

  • Homework 35%
  • Midsemester 25%
  • Final Exam 40%

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