Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Courses and curriculum
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Questions regarding undergraduate courses should be sent to the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Questions regarding graduate courses should be sent to the Director of Graduate Studies.


Semester Course Descriptions - A list of all classes offered by AEM with expanded information

List of General Course Syllabi - Detailed descriptions and outline of course prerequisites, objectives, expected outcomes, weekly topics, and grading

AEM Current Courses with Web Pages - Contains a list of the AEM classes for which there are home pages.

Quick Class Schedules and Course Descriptions (TwoStop) Consult this resource for a list of all CSE schedules and course descriptions, searchable by subject and term.

AEM Courses with Directly Measured Outcomes - List of measured outcomes in selected AEM courses

AEM Course Text Books - Comprehensive list of all AEM courses and their required text books

University Course Catalog Archive - View past versions of the University Course Catalog, dating back to 1996.


Student Records System - Status of your classes, submit one year plans, download lab files, find your advisor, reactive your computer account (SRS Manual)

Please note:

The AEM Department issues Course Permission Numbers through our SRS on-line system. Please see Course Permission Number instructions for more details.

University Registration Information - University resources regarding registration, including how to prepare to register for classes.


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