Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Peter J. Seiler

List of Projects/Funding

Development and Flight Testing of RAIDER: an Autonomous Upset Recovery System


Virtual Wind Simulator with Advanced Control & Aeroelastic Model for Improving the Operation of Wind Farms

- Xcel Energy Renewable Development Fund

Distributed, Passivity-Based, Aeroservoelastic Control (DPASC) of Structurally Efficient Aircraft in the Presence of Gusts


Lightweight Adaptive Aeroelastic Wing for Enhanced Perfromace Across the Flight Envelope

- NASA: Flight Demonstration & Capabilities (FDC) and Advanced Air Transport Technology (AATT)

CPS: Synergy: Collaborative: Managing Uncertainty in the Design of Safety-Critical Aviation Systems

- National Science Foundation: Cyberphysical Systems Program

CAREER: Probabilistic Tools for High Reliability Monitoring and Control of Wind Farms

- National Science Foundation : CAREER Program

Sustainable Energy Systems: Control Systems and Sensors to Link Rural Renewables and Demand for Sustainable Industrial Energy in Food Processing Systems

- MnDRIVE Transdisciplinary Research Program

Wind Farm Modeling and Control

- Minnesota Supercomputing Institute


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Pete Seiler

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