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Investigation and Formal Modeling of Human Guidance Behavior

Principal Investigator:

Bérénice Mettler

Research Assistant:

Zhaodan Kong


Interactive Guidance and Control Lab (IGCL)


  • Rapid proliferation of unmanned vehicles in military and civilian applications.
  • Higher levels of autonomy requires cognitive-like functions.

UAV flight hours

Figure: UAV flight hours (source: unmanned systems integrated roadmap: FY2011-36).

Problem Statement


Figure: Collision at 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge.

  • Poorly understood areas:
    • Interaction between agent and environment.
    • Integration of components operating based on different principles, e.g., perception, cognition and action.


  • Agent physically and informationally interacts with environment.
  • Learn from human demonstrations.
    • Bayesian perspective of learning:


Bayesian perspective

Figure: Bayesian perspective of learning.

  • Proper structure (prior knowledge) improves learning efficiency
  • For guidance, inherent symmetries in behavior as priori knowledge

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