Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Hardware and Software Environment for Interactive Human and Autonomous Systems

Principal Investigator:

Bérénice Mettler

Research Assistants:

J. Andersh
N. Dadkhah
Z. Kong


Interactive Guidance and Control Lab (IGCL)

Unmanned Rotorcraft

Figure: Outdoor unmanned rotorcraft (Fire Scout and K-Max)


  • Existing outdoor applications include search and rescue, inspection, surveillance, resupply, and reconnaissance
  • Research efforts rapidly expanding to indoor or confined environments
  • Increased interactive modalities under autonomous and tele-operated flight
  • Successful design of requires understanding the pilot's perceptual, guidance, and control processes
  • Objective of research framework is to enable agent-environment-task interactions as well as human-machine interactions under realistic conditions


  • Operation in unstructured and uncertain environments requires ability for adaptation of automated and interactive systems
  • Inability to directly observe a pilot's internal mental processes makes it difficult to identify models
  • Planning and reasoning under partial knowledge are needed to enable the level of adaptability and response flexibility typical of a trained pilot


  • Research emphasizes a multi-disciplinary approach with a foundation in dynamical systems and control


Figure: Research areas investigated in the IGCL

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