Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Control System Design

Nested attitude-velocity loop

  • Compensate for dynamic modes (inner loop).
  • Provide fast velocity response (dynamic inverse).

Block diagram

Figure: Block diagram of the attitude-velocity control system.

μ Robustness analysis

  • Determine plant uncertainty model from identified model.
  • Used for the design of inner-loop attitude compensation.

Input uncertainty

Figure: Parametric and input uncertainty.

Frequency responses

Figure: Frequency responses of model uncertainty.

Path following system

  • Enable accurate trajectory following based on position/velocity reference.

Path following scheme

Figure: Illustration of the path following scheme.

Block Diagram

Figure: Block diagram of the path following system combining attitude control and dynamic-inverse velocity controller.

Control and path following performance evaluation

  • Modeling path-following performance and robustness.
  • Captures the effects of plant, control system and nonlinearities.

Tracking task

Figure: Tracking task

Experimental acc./performance

Figure: Experimental acc./performance.

Path-following tracking error model

Error statistics

Figure: Path-following tracking error statistics.

Tracking errors

Figure: Predicted path-following tracking errors.

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