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ROS Modules

ROS Node Update Rate Subscribes to Messages Publishes Messages
Vicon 100 Hz none Vicon Measured State
Joystick 100 Hz none Joystick
IMU 100 Hz none IMU Measurements
Camera Capture (uses usb_cam ROS package) 30 fps none Raw Image
AR Drone Driver 50 Hz (15 fps) Joystick IMU, Altitude, Power, Image
Remove Distortion (uses image_proc ROS package) based on input fps Raw Image Corrected Image
Visual Motion Estimation based on input fps Corrected Image Velocity Direction
State Estimation 100 Hz Joystick, IMU, Velocity Direction Estimated Vehicle State
Transmit Commands 50 Hz Control Commands (Joystick) none
Data Logger 100 Hz Joystick, Control Commands, IMU, Vicon Measured State, Altitude, Power none
Controller 100 Hz Controller Reference (Joystick) Control Commands
Generate Reference 100 Hz none Controller Reference
Simulator Interface 100 Hz Joystick Simulated State

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