Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Characterization of Flow within a Thin-film Spinning Apparatus

Principal investigator:

Ellen Longmire

Research Assistant:

Alonso Alvarado


Nano Dispersions Technology


In this project we consider flow in the gap between a spinning inner cylinder and a fixed outer cylinder. A net flow upward through the device can also carry solid particles or liquid drops which are immiscible with the carrier liquid. At typical working conditions, the flow within the gap can be turbulent and contain a range of eddy length scales, although the nature and organization of the eddies is currently unknown. The objective of the current project is to understand how key geometrical and dynamic parameters affect the eddy structure and consequently how this structure affects drop and particle break up within the fluid. We are in the process of characterizing this flow using non-invasive optical techniques, such as PIV and LDV.

Spinning film

Side view of spinning film

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