Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Richard D. James

List of Projects/Funding

Partial funding of Visiting Professorship at Oxford University (Fall 2016)

- The Leverhulme Trust

Grand Challenge: Clean Energy Conversion at the University of Minnesota and Beyond

- U of M Grand Challenges Program, with Bharat Jalan (CEMS), Sabine Engle (IonE) and Brad Holshuh (DHA),

Conversion between Magnetic, Electric, and Thermal energies in phase change materials (COMET)

- A program of collaborative research with Xian Sherry Chen (HKUST/Caltech) and Ole Martin Lovvik, PI, University of Oslo, Norwegian Research Council and SINTEF

MURI: Managing the Mosaic of Microstructure

- subcontract from Carnegie Mellon University (PI: Prof. Marc de Graef)

The direct conversion of heat to electricity using fast switching of ferroelectric oxides

- Institute on the Environment RDF Fund (University of Minnesota), with Bharat Jalan

Universal Electromagnetic surface – exploiting active electronics and active origami to generate a programmable electromagnetic response

- MURI with researchers from Caltech, CMU, Princeton,

Interaction of Coherent Radiation and Objective Structures for Radar, Photonics and Structure Determination

- Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Mathematical theory for the discovery of multifunctional nanomaterials: systematic search for new nanostructures with unprecedented physical properties

- Office of Naval Research


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Richard James

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