Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Gary J. Balas (Deceased November 12, 2014)

List of Projects/Funding

Lightweight Adaptive Aeroelastic Wing for Enhanced Performance Across the Flight Envelope

- NASA Stennis Space Center

CPS Meduim: Embedded Fault Detection for Low-Cost, Safety

- National Science Foundation

Robust Aeroservoelastic Control Utilizing Physics-Based Aerodynamic Sensing

- Tao of Systems Integration, Inc.

Stability and Control of Very High Speed Cavity-Running Bodies (with Prof. Roger Arndt, SAFL)

- USDOD Navy

An Industry/Academe Consortium for Achieving 20% wind by 2030 through Cutting-Edge Research and Workforce Training (with Prof. Fotis Sotiropoulos, SAFL)

- Dept. of Energy, USDOD

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Gary Balas

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