Test Facility

Test facility schematic. Two interconnected loops can be easily identified. First, a main loop, which principal components are a supply tank, a three stage Monyo pump and a 1" (25mm) diameter 6m long pipeline. Also a secondary or water loop which principal components a water tank, a 1/4" (6.25mm) pipeline, copper tube and a gear pump. Bitumen Froth circulates through the main loop. Pressure taps are labeled as P0, P1, P2, P3, and P4. The distances between them are: 3.86m (P0-P1), 3.96m (P1-P2 and P3-P4), and 4.37m (P2-P3). The sampling system (Part A) is shown in detail.

Test Procedures

Warm froth is loaded into the supply tank and the mixer is turned on. Meanwhile, warm water is circulated in the main loop driven by the gear pump. This flushing and warming ensures that the pipe is clean and warm enough to receive the pre-heated and pre-homogenized froth. Once the froth is homogeneous, it is injected through the Monyo pump to the main loop. Simultaneously the water is diverted. When the froth entirely replaces the water, it is circulated by the Monyo pump without further water addition. An important issue of the recirculation procedure is sampling to perform chemical and/or composition analysis. It is carried out using the removable section and the bypass pipe shown in detail in part A of the figure above. The shut-down procedure is the reverse of the start-up. The froth flow through the Monyo pump is stopped and water is injected to the line with the gear pump, completely diverting the remaining froth to the head tank, leaving only water circulating in the line.

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