Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Richard D. James


Computational methods for the direct passage from atomic scale to continuum scale - Past Project (MURI)

Behavior of active materials (shape memory and magnetostrictive materials) at nanoscale.

Epitaxial growth and properties of nanoscale films of the ferromagnetic shape memory material Ni2MnGa (joint with Chris Palmstrom).

Phase transformations in the nanoscale virus Bacteriophage T-4, and possible man-made analogs.

Potential Applications:

Basic question: "Does a material that undergoes the shape memory effect at large scales still undergo the effect at nanoscale?" Producing motion at small scales particularly using remotely applied fields.


Ellen K. Longmire


Fluid/structure interactions in MEMS

Potential Applications:

In this project, we examine the effect of micro- and nanoscale gaps on the motion of structures in MEMS.

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