To view these movies you need the appropriate software, which can be downloaded free of charge (subject to the owner's license restrictions) from the appropriate web address below.

Quicktime for MacIntosh              

Quicktime for Windows                 

Xanim (most Unix platforms)        

SGI Movieplayer (Irix 6.2 or greater)

(Note: SGI's movieplayer comes bundled with the IRIX versions 6.2 or greater)

Instructions on how to download the software are given on the Web pages.

With Quicktime for MacIntosh and Quicktime for Windows, the movies can be viewed frame by frame by repeated clicking of the mouse on the single step button.

SGI Movieplayer (IRIX 6.2 or greater) will run the frames continuously as a movie. To do this, click on the PLAY EVERY FRAME option in the pull down menu under VIEW.

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