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Minnesat AFRL Nanosat-4 Project

Welcome to the University of Minnesota's University Nanosat-4 Project website. This website is designed to allow the public access to our efforts in the University Nanosat-4 competition.


05/01/2006: CDR was a success. We received a lot of feedback from the AFRL and are on to the finalizing the design and beginning of the build.

08/30/2005: Site redesigned for coming semester.

06/26/2005: Pictures (including aerial shots) of the latest balloon launch are now up! Visit them at the "about" page.

04/25/2005: The Nanosat Team picture has been added and can found under a new page called "Team" which is located in the menu to the left. Visit the Team Picture here. I have also updated the Mission Statement on the "about" page. This is the final working mission statement. I have also changed the faculty page to not include pictures but to provide links to the individual faculty members web pages. Please send an e-mail to Adam Thoreen if you have not gotten the meeting notes from the April 25th meeting.

04/18/2005: I have added the Nanosat Project Timeline on the "About" page. Visit it here. I also added a link to the official Nanosat Website. It on the lower left hand part of the menu, under "Nanosat Website." Visit it here. If you need meeting minutes from April 18th, please send an e-mail to Adam Thoreen.

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