Truss Solver


There are two types of information that you may want to print:

A drawing of the Truss itself

This is accomplished using the Print Item on the File Menu. You will get output that looks very similar to what is currently displayed in the Main Window. The Hide/Show Nodes Option determines whether the nodes will show on the printout as well. The Snap Grid lines do not print out.

Text of the numerical solution

This is done by printing the Results File that can be saved after the problem has been solved, using the Save Item on the File Menu.

One way to print this file is to read it into any editor, word processor or spread sheet and then use that program's print command. The Results File has a .txt extension to make this easier. See the page on Importing the Results file for more information on this.

Under Unix, the command lpr results.txt will print your results file (assuming its name is results.txt) to your default printer. Check with the lab attendant for the printer choices in the lab you are using. Other printers can be selected using the -P option to lpr.