Truss Solver

Problem Solved at last!

Once we get thru defining boundary conditions we are ready to solve the problem. However, first, now would be a good time to save your model in case something goes wrong during the solution. Choose Save->Model from the File Menu to do this. This saves the nodes.elements, MPsets and boundary conditions for your truss. See the discussion of the File Menu for more details on saving and reopening your designs.

Select Solve from the Model, menu and the Deformed Truss is shown on top of the original Truss:

The Displacement Magnification is the amount the actual displacements have to be multiplied by to make them appear as they do in the main window. All physically reasonable solutions have Displacement Magnifications of at least 10. That is, the displacements in reality would be very hard to see. Remember that the solution is only valid when the displacements are small.

Once you have sucessfully solved your problem you can:

Summing it all up...

The whole process you have just completed is viewable as an animation, because even I can't resist some neat web tricks ;)