Truss Solver

Running Truss Solver in IT Labs


Software packages are made available in the IT Computer Labs via the module command. See the manual page for module (man module) for details on how to use the module package.

To use Truss Solver, you need to have the modulefile soft/qt loaded. I recommend you do the following:

This will make your account permanently set up to use Truss Solver.

You can then type truss to run Truss Solver.


Truss should be available under the AEM 5515 section of the Start Menu.

A short summary of using the module package:

module list
shows the currently loaded modules for your account
module avail
shows all available modules
module add [modulefile]
adds the modulefile (choices for this are show with avail) to your environment for the current session only.
module initadd [modulefile]
adds the modulefile as with add but also makes the change permanent, so next time you login you will already have modulefile loaded.
module initrm [modulefile]
reverses the effect of an initadd.