Truss Solver

Using Ftp to Transfer Truss Files

Ftp stands for File Transfer Program and is the standard for transfering data from one machine to another over a network. The Internet Kit from the Microcenter includes the ftp client program. There are also numerous share/free-ware programs available on the net. See TuCows for Windows network shareware.

The file format is identical between the Unix and Windows versions of the truss solver code. Thus you may transfer your model files between systems without any problems. It you plan to use the Results files in other programs, it is best to make sure you transfer the files as ASCII (text ) files.

The basic proceedure for using ftp is as follows:

  1. Open a connection to the remote machine: either type ftp for a command line version or use the open command either from a menu or typed in to open a connetion.
  2. typing ascii will set the transfer mode to ASCII (text).
  3. use get (filename) or put (filename) to transfer the file. If the file is on the remote machine "get" it local. If you want to transfer the file to the remote machine, "put" it there.
  4. type exit to quit.

A note on passwords with Ftp and Telnet

Ftp transmits your password as clear text over the network, in a single package labeled as a password. Thus anyone watching the network with a "sniffer" program can see your password. Telnet has the same problem. Thus if you really want to protect your password, you will avoid using both ftp and telnet. In the Unix world the SSH, Secure SHell, programs solve this problem. There is a Windows Terminal version of SSH and the Unix version which includes scp, secure copy, command which nicely replaces ftp. These programs are all on the ITLabs Unix machines, see the man pages for usage (they essentially work identical to the rlogin, rsh and rcp programs).

Note, the above comments don't apply to anonymous ftp, because you don't send a real password.