Truss Solver

Downloading Truss

An executable file for Truss is available for the following platforms:

Note that the Windows version does NOT run under Windows 3.x.


If you have problems downloading this software, please send e-mail to Problems of any other kind should be e-mailed to


NOTE: You should always virus check any executable downloaded from the net. I checked this executable when I made it, but why take my word for it!

Windows 95/98/NT: Simply download the executable file to a appropriate directory and double click on it in Explorer. Or make a shortcut and place it in one of your Start Menu folders.

Linux: Unzip and untar the distribution file (zcat truss-linux-i386-#.#.#.tar.gz | tar xvf -) and then read the file README in the directory created.


This HTML documentation is also available for download:

Simply unzip or gunzip/untar the file and point your browser at the index.htm file in the directory that is created.

Technical Details

Truss is written in C++ using the Qt Library. This library is freely available under a license similar to the Gnu Public License under which the source to Truss, 48kB (v 0.6.7)is available. Thus, all the tools are available for you to recompile Truss under any Unix. Truss was developed under Linux (RedHat 4.x) and it compiles with no changes (not even any compiler ifdef's) under both Irix (SGI Unix) and Microsoft Visual C++ version 5.0. This is the beauty of Qt. Unfortunately the Qt libraries under 95/98/NT are not free and we have only purchased a single license to compile the executable distributed above. There are no restrictions on distributing the run time libraries for Qt.

Note: If you want to compile truss for yourself, you will have to get the library developement environment from Troll Tech, they provide RPMs to install it under RedHat. If you have problems, you can e-mail me, but I don't promise to have the time to help you.