Qt Based Programs

Troll Tech Logo Qt is a product of Troll Tech.

I started using Qt to port programs from the Macintosh to Unix and Windows 95/NT that I use in the classes I teach. I looked for a long time for a package/library that would let me support both Unix for our public computing labs and allow students to run the code at home. The following programs have been ported so far:

Gf Port to Qt

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I have finally gotten to porting Gf, an almost WYSIWYG plotting package, to Qt. It still works very similar to the X based version (Gfx) so see its doc pages for an intro to Gf. The Qt port has several new features and of course some new bugs.

New Features:

Changes from X-Windows version:


Changes for version 0.0.26

Download of Current Version 0.0.26

Required Libaries

GfQt is currently written for Qt version 1.44. On the SGI and Linux platforms you must have the Qt Libraries installed. These are available from Troll Tech's anonymous ftp server. Most Linux distributions have Qt available as a binary package. No libraries are required for the Windows version.

Other codes

I have also written a few other utilities in Qt and plan to port my Gfx, Psall and Framex programs to Qt as well. The utilities so far are:

If you are interested in these programs send me an e-mail if I have not already put the source up on this page.