GFx New Features

The point and click version of GFx has several new features which are listed below.

Character Delimited File Format
GFx will now read and write files that use delimiter characters to separate the data columns. The current choices are a comma, space or a tab character as the delimiter. The scaling information at the end of the file is still in the standard GFx format. The number of points line at the top of the file is still automatically detected. It is assumed that a line with no delimiters at the top of the file contains the number of points in the file. In the case of a space character delimiter, multiple spaces are assumed to be a single delimiter. The other delimiters are assumed to be single characters only. Spaces at the beginning or ends of a line are also ignored.
New treatment of invec length=0
The previous version of GFx would insist on writting files with the invec length nonzero. The current version will now let you write invec=0 files, with a warning if you have multiple data segments. Character delimited data always has invec=0, use the standard GF format if you want invec non-zero.
Postscript Line Join control
On the profile form there is a list box for the type of joining to use between line segments in the postscript output. The default of round will only produce strange results on very think lines. The miter choice may make some data look artifically noisy.
Color White added
This may seem like a stupid color to use, but a planned upgrade will allow GFx to plot over images and then white may be needed to make comments show. Here's an example.