Software by TWS

Qt based software

Qt is a GUI library written in C++ that is supported under X11 (there is a free license available) and Windows 95/NT. If you write your code correctly, it will compile with no changes (or compiler ifdefs!) on both platforms. I think it is very easy to use and well documented. See my Qt Programs page for more information.

X-Windows Software

The following three programs Framex, Gfx and Psall are now available in a single tar archive which includes the HTML manuals:


Framex is a simple X-based image processing program that is primarily designed for tracing edges of fringes for moire fringe analysis. It also includes some simple image processing such as smoothing, pixel editing and various one and two image math operations. It supports both 8 bit and 1 bit raw file formats and on SGI's the classic SGI file format. This version supports any image size. Framex is only partly point and click, many of the options are still command line entries.


Latest version is Qt based, see the Qt Programs Page

Point and Click version

GFx has been upgraded to remove the command line interface and add a point and click interface. An online manual is available.

Latest additions to Gfx are:


Psall generates Postscript output from GF, CP, CMP, IMG and SGI image files. It allows GF files to be overlaid on top of the raster files. See the online manual for more details.

Zip drive utilities for IRIX

Note: IRIX 6.x supports the Zip/Jazz directly, 6.4 even does DOS formatted zip disks!

I have modified some code I got from SGI courtesy of Dave Olson. The utilities allow users to mount, unmount and format zip drives when attached to an SGI workstation. The manual page and a tar file are available from here.

Linux specific software

My patch to the logitech scanman driver for Linux is available here.

TeX Related Software

QtSlideShow and information on doing presentations using LaTeX

Retex a really simple automatic preview environment for TeX/LaTeX.