Research In Mechanics of Materials

Magneto-Mechanical Testing Machine (MMTM)

MMTM with loading rods May 2001.


The Magneto-Mechanical Testing Machine (MMTM) allows the traditional solids mechanics uniaxial (tension or compression) mechanical tests to be conducted in a magnetic field. This allows the new class of materials called Ferromagnetic-Shape-Memory (FSM) materials to be studied. These materials, such as NiMnGa and FePd, are ferromagnetic as well as undergoing a structural (martensitic) phase transformation which is the basis for the shape-memory effect. Thus these materials have shape-memory behavior that can be controlled via a magnetic field. This has great advantages over traditional shape-memory materials that require changes in temperature for actuation.


The MMTM is still under construction, but an initial demonstration of the magnetic field control has been completed.


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