Tubeless siphon of a 1.0 wt% 8 million g/mol PEO solution laden with and without 850µm resin particles

Daniel D. Joseph

University of Minnesota, January 2005

The movies (MPG format) which may be viewed on this web site show that solid and liquid substrates may be cleaned by sucking off polymeric liquids of high molecular weight and that loading these liquids with small particles greatly enhances this cleaning.

Particle-laden tubeless siphon experiment uses a piston and cylinder sucking device automated on a MTS machine. The liquid is a water-based polymer.

The first movie is without particles. The siphon breaks before all the polymer is sucked out the beaker. Every thing is the same with the second movie except that small particles were added. The cleanup with the particle-laden siphon is complete. Complete cleaning with particles.

(i) No particles

(ii) With particles
Experimental Features: 1% Poly (ethylene oxide); Molecular weight 8 million; 80 ml initial volume; Sucking velocity 1.22 in/min; Diameter 850 micron; 4% by volume; Neutrally buoyant particles

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