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2008 Race Rules
    Mr Eberle issued race rules for the 2008 event.  Click here to view the rules.
    The new 2010 race rules were released May 5, 2009.  Click here to view the 2010 race rules.

    The purpose of this web page is to post various tools and documentation Hammer feels may be useful to students on the solar car project. 

Jeff Hammer - Solar Vehicle Project Faculty Advisor in charge
Akerman Hall - Room 201 - Ring doorbell.
Desk Phone 612 625-6694
Cell Phone 763 229-6183
Fax 612 626-1558 - Comes out in Akerman 107, put my name on fax, goes in my mailbox
Mailing Address
    107 Akerman Hall
    110 Union Street S.E.
    Minneapolis, MN 55455

Please report any problems with this web page to Hammer at:
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Dr Star is on phased retirement.  He currently controls a fund of money donated previously.  He will continue to manage that fund until it is exhausted.  All major purchases should go through him. 

Click here for access to the restricted Solar Car Team reference page - You need the user name and password to gain access.  Its the same name and password for all team members. The name and password was distributed to the ExecTeam list, get it from your team lead.

The restricted area has the following free software available:
    Microsoft Products (MS Project in particular)
    Sample schedule files for MS Project to help learn the planning process
    Standard atmosphere properties
    Units conversion utility
    Matlab scripts for solar intensity, elevation angle, and azimuth angle.
    Matlab script for calculation of CdA for a solar car.
    Matlab scripts for design and simulation of a solar car
    Instructions for how to download files from the solar car FTP site.
    Install and documentation for a program the plots and saves solar energy weather data files used to simulate a race day with real measured solar energy and wind data, not just idealized theory. 

    1) Where is the "shop" on the St. Paul Campus? 

The shop is in the "Engineering and Fisheries" building, enter on the north east corner of the building (see black arrow on the smaller map below).  When we have "All Team" meetings its in one of the first classrooms in the "Classroom Office" building next to the shop.  The large red arrow on the smaller scale map points to the room we typically use.  Come to the shop first if you come early, go directly to the classroom if you are on time or late. 
                Large scale map to shop
                Smaller scale map to shop
    The the Gartner avenue parking ramp is shown on the map as under construction.  It's completely finished and open. 

    2)  Do we have a mailing address to recieve data sheets and samples from vendors? - Yes

Mailing address (for data sheets, etc.)
University Of Minnesota
Solar Vehicle Project
c/o (your name here)
107 Akerman Hall
110 Union Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Shipping Address
University of Minnesota
Solar Vehicle Project
c/o Jeff Hammer
107 Akerman Hall
110 Union Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455