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AEM 1905: Spaceflight with Ballooning (Freshmen Seminar) Public Web Site

Instructor: James Flaten, MN Space Grant

Details for Oct. 30, 2010 (Fall 2010) class launch

Details for Nov. 6, 2010 (4-balloon network) simultaneous launch coming soon (after Oct. 30)

Fall 2010 file archive:
Coming soon...

Fall 2009 file archive:

Overview slide show of GopherLaunch 22A (Powerpoint)
A-Team final oral presentation (Powerpoint)
Team icarus final oral presentation (Powerpoint)
Roaches final oral presentation (Powerpoint)
JM 7737 final oral presentation (Powerpoint)
Building a NearSys Weather Station
Building a BalloonSat Easy Flight Computer
Building a Heater Circuit
Building a Flasher Circuit (AKA Learn to Solder Exercise)

Fall 2008 file archive:
Post-semester Overview of the Class by J. Flaten (Powerpoint)
Rockettes final oral presentation (Powerpoint)
Rockettes final written documentation (Word)
Random Guys final oral presentation (Powerpoint)
Random Guys final written documentation (Word)
BBBBC final oral presentation (Powerpoint)
BBBBC final written documentation (Word)
Team Sweetness final oral presentation (Powerpoint)
Team Sweetness final written documentation (Word)
Template for team written documentation (Word)
Building a BASIC Stamp I Flight Computer (Powerpoint)
Preparing Printed Circuit Boards (Powerpoint) -- for information only; PCB's were prepared for teams in advance
Building a Weather Station Sensor Pack (Powerpoint)
Circuits and Electronics in a Nutshell (Powerpoint) -- includes circuit diagrams for the heater and the weather station
Not posted -- instructions for learning to solder and building a heater circuit -- we used Colorado Space Grant presentations
Words of Wisdom -- Advice to Freshmen (Powerpoint)
Syllabus and Tentative Calendar v3 (Word)



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