Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Lev Truskinovsky
Associate Professor

Contact Information

Lev Truskinovsky 

M.S., Appl. Math. Mech., Moscow University, 1979
Ph.D., Mech. of Solids, Academy of Sci., Russia, 1984

1990 - Present: Associate Professor, Mechanics
Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, University of Minnesota
1989 - 1990: Research Associate
Division of Applied Sciences, Harvard University
1984 - 1989: Staff Researcher
Vernadsky Institute, Academy of Sciences, Moscow

Visiting Professor
Department of Structural Engineering, University of Ferrara, Italy, 1997;
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Udine, Italy, 1995, 1997;
Department of Applied Mechanics, Caltech, 1997;
Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Padova, Italy, 1993, 1997;
Department of Mathematics and Mechanics; University of Aix-Marseilles, France, 1990, 1997;
LPMTM Institut Galilee, University Paris Nord, Paris, France, 1997, 2000;
Department of Mathematics, Penn State University, 1997;
Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT, Cambridge, 1990.

Five Recent Publications
L. Truskinovsky,  Transition to "detonation" in dynamic phase changes, Arch. for Rational Mech. Anal. 125, pp. 375-397, (1994).

L. Truskinovsky, Fracture as a phase transformation, in: Contemporary research in mechanics and mathematics of materials, Ericksen's Symposium, ed. R. Batra and M. Beatty, CIMNE, Barselona, pp.322-332 (1996).

L. Truskinovsky, G. Zanzotto, Ericksen's bar revisited: energy wiggles, J. Mech. Phys. Solids, 44, pp. 1371-1408 (1996).

R.C. Rogers, L. Truskinovsky, Discretization and hysteresis, Physica B, 233, 370-375 (1997).

L. Truskinovsky, Nucleation and growth in elasticity, in:  Dynamics of Crystal Surfaces and Interfaces, ed. P. Duxbury and T. Pence, Plenum Press, New York, 185-197, (1997).

J. Lowengrub, L. Truskinovsky,  Quasi-incompressible Cahn-Hilliard fluids and topological transitions, Proc. Roy. Soc. London  A, 454, 2617-2654 (1998).

Scientific and Professional Societies
Member, American Geophysical Union
Member, Society for Natural Philosophy
Member of the Editorial Board, International Society for the Interaction of Mechanics and Mathematics

Honors and Awards
Best paper award for young scientists, Academy of Sciences,USSR -- 1984, 1986
Best paper travel award, US National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics -- 1992
NSF grant: "Interfaces with structure: kinetics, nucleation, microstructures topological transitions", 1995-1997 (Div. of Applied Mathematics)
NSF grant: "Mechanics of Systems with Bi-stable Elements". 1998-2000 (Div. of Applied Mathematics)
NATO grant: "Multiplicity of Equilibria and Energy Landscapes for Smart Materials". 1996-1997
1999-, Editor, Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics, Springer

Subjects and Courses Taught
AEM 3031--Deformable Body Mechanics
AEM 2012--Dynamics
AEM 2011--Statics

AEM 4581--Mechanics of Solids

AEM 5503--Theory of Elasticity
AEM 8500--Research Seminar in Mechanics of Materials
AEM 8511--Advanced Topics in Continuum Mechanics/ Mechanics of Phase Transitions
AEM 8521--Advanced Topics in Elasticity
AEM 8523--Elastodynamics
AEM 8531-- Fracture Mechanics

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