Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Current Research Presentations

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Prof Ryan S. Elliott

First Principles Modeling of Phase Transformations in Materials
This is a presentation from the AEM seminar in 2008 which gives a brief overview of the research currently being conducted by Professor Elliott's group. PDF (2.6MB)
Equilibrium Path-following, Bifurcation, and Stability Techniques for Studying Temperature-Induced and Stress-Induced Martensitic Transformations in Crystalline Shape Memory Alloys
This presentation shows details of Prof. Elliott's current and past research PDF (3.3MB)
Stability and Elastic Properties of the Stress-Free B2 Crystal for the Morse Pair-Potential Model
This is a short presentation given at the ASME congress in Seattle, WA November 2007 discussing work done by Venkata Guthikonda PDF (3.0MB)
A Quasicontinuum for Multilattice Crystals Exhibiting Phase Transformations
This is a short presentation describing work on the "quasicontinuum/cascading Cauchy-Born kinematics" method. Joint work with Ellad Tadmor. PDF (1.1MB)

Prof Richard D James

Lessons on Structure from the Structure of Viruses, Penrose Lecture.
A lecture given in honor of Russell J. Penrose in the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics. HTML (audio-synced slideshow)

New Materials from Mathematics: Real and Imagined
A lecture given at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences on the occasion of their 10th anniversary. PPT (13MB) PDF (5.2MB)

A Way to Search for Interesting New Magnetic Materials with First Order Phase Transformations
A lecture given in the Magnetics Seminar in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Minnesota. PPT (17.3MB) PDF (3.98MB)

A Relation between Compatibility and Hysteresis and its Role in the Search for New Smart Materials.
  A lecture given on the Southern California Mechanics Tour. PPT (11.5MB) PDF (3.6MB)

Deforming Films of Active Materials: New Concepts for Producing Motion at Small Scales (Using Applied Fields)
A lecture given at Cornell University. PPT (3.49MB) PDF (6.29MB)

Prof Daniel D Joseph

Stress in Viscous Potential Flow PDF (450kB).
Direct Numerical Simulation (DLM) of 1204 Spheres in a Slit Bed PDF (1.5MB).
Slip Velocity, Lift and Correlations PDF (1.3MB).

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