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Daniel D. Joseph
Professor, Regents and Russell J. Penrose Professor Emeritus (Deceased May 24, 2011)

Dan Joseph
The group directed by Professor Joseph is engaged in research on viscoelastic fluids, multiphase flows, fluidized beds, two-fluid dynamics, and drag reduction. Other projects are concerned with the motion of solid particles and drops and bubbles in Newtonian and viscoelastic fluids. The studies carried out in Joseph's lab are done with the aid of experiments, theory and high performance computing. One project focuses on water lubricating pipelining of heavy crude oils and dispersions. Stability theory shows that the water will stay on the wall where it lubricates the flow of the oil. Drag reductions of the order of the viscosity ratio can be achieved---reductions of a thousandfold or more. Another project is to understand the exceptional enhancements of the rheological properties of semi-dilute aqueous polymeric solutions seeded by small particles and nanoparticles.
Professor Joseph and his collaborators have a new subject in fluid mechanics which is devloped in his recently-published monograph.


1950 M.A., Sociology, University of Chicago
1959 B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology
1960 M.S., Mechanics, Illinois Institute of Technology
1963 Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology


2006-2009: Professor Aerospace Engineering Mechanics,University of Minnesota
1994-2005: Regents' Professor Aerospace Engineering Mechanics, University of Minnesota
1991-2001: Russell J. Penrose Professor Aerospace Engineering Mechanics, University of Minnesota
1968 - 2009: Professor Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, University of Minnesota
1965 - 1968: Associate Professor Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, University of Minnesota
1963 - 1965: Assistant Professor Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, University of Minnesota
1962 - 1963: Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology

Five Recent Publications

  • I. Marusic, D.D. Joseph & K. Mahesh, 2007, Laminar and turbulent comparisons for channel flow and flow control, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 570: 467-477, (Journal Article) More Details, Request PDF
  • T. Funada, D. D. Joseph, M. Saitoh and S. Yamashita, 2006, Liquid jet in a high Mach number air stream, Int. J. Multiphase Flow, 32, 20-50., (Journal Article) More Details, Request PDF
  • J. C. Padrino and D.D. Joseph, 2006, Numerical study of the steady state uniform flow past a rotating cylinder, J. Fluid Mech., 557, 191-223.., (Journal Article) More Details, Request PDF
  • J. Wang and D.D. Joseph, 2006, Pressure corrections for the effects of viscosity on the irrotational flow outside Prandtl's boundary layer, J. Fluid Mech., 557, 145-165., (Journal Article) More Details, Request PDF
  • J. Wang and D.D. Joseph, 2006, Boundary layer analysis for effects of viscosity of the irrotational flow on the flow induced by a rapidly rotating cylinder in a uniform stream, J. Fluid Mech., 557, 167-190., (Journal Article) More Details, Request PDF
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Honors and Fellowships

Thompson Scientific/ISI's Highly Cited Researchers
Fluid Dynamics Prize of the APS, Nov 1999
Professional Achievement Citation of the University of Chicago, June 1999
Kovasznay Lecturer, University of Houston, Mechanical Engineering, April 1999
Illinois Institute of Technology Professional Achievement Award, 1997
Thomas Baron Fluid-Particle Systems Award of the AIChE, Nov. 1996
Croco Lecturer, Princeton University, Mechanical Engineering, October 1995
Timoshenko Medalist of the ASME, May 1995
Fellow of the American Physical Society, November 1993
Bingham Medalist of the Society of Rheology, October 1993
American Academy of Arts and Sciences, April 1993
Schlumberger Foundation Award, July 1993
Aris Phillips Lecturer, Yale University, April 1992
G.I. Taylor Lecturer, Cambridge Phil. Soc., Jan 1992
Distinguished Service Award, US Army CERDEC, 1992
National Academy of Sciences, 1991
G. I. Taylor Medalist, Society of Engineering Science, 1990
National Academy of Engineering, 1990
Guggenheim Fellow, 1969-70


The wave-speed meter
(US Patent No. 4,602,502). This device is to be used to measure wave speeds and to determine the effective rigidity of a liquid.
The spinning rod interfacial tensiometer
(US Patent No. 4,644,782). This device is used to determine the interfacial tension between immiscible liquids.
Spinning drop tensiometer
(US Patent No. 5,150,607). This device is used for polymer blends and in the oil industry where temperature is important.
Device and method for determining drag on surfaces
(US Patent No. 5,301,541).
Conduit having hydrophilic and oleophobic inner surfaces for oil transportation
(US Patent No. 5,385,175).
Method and apparatus for measuring a parameter of a multiphase flow
(US Patent No. 5,646,352).
Process for suppressing foam formation in a bubble column reactor
(US Patent No. 5,922,190)
Foam control using a fluidized bed of particles
(US Patent No. 5,922,191)
Apparatus and method for determining dynamic stability of emulsions
(US Patent No. 5,987,969)
Process for pumping bitumen froth through a pipeline
(US Patent No. 5,988,198)


Syncrude Canada Ltd, 1995-present
Teltech, 1993-present
InoMet, Inc., 1993
Gillette, 1993-present
CRDEC (US ARMY) 1992-present
ICASE (NASA-LANGLEY) 1992-present
Dowell-Schlumberger, 1992-present
Proctor Gamble, 1992
PDVSA, Intevep, Caracas, Venezuela, 1990-present
Schlumberger-Doll, Ridgefield, CT, 1990
MM-Mars, Hacketts town, NJ, 1990-1991
Shell-Houston, 1987-1990; Water lubricated pipelining of viscous crudes
Pillsbury Corp., 1987-1988; Acoustic waves in bread dough
Hoechst-Celanese, 1986-present; Interfacial tensiometer for polymer blending
Psi Star, Hayward, CA, 1985; Anisotropic etching of circuit boards

Editorial Positions

Editorial Board, Springer-Verlag series Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics
Associate Editor, PanAmerican Mathematical Journal, 1994-present
Associate Editor, International Journal of Multiphase Flow, 1994-present
Associate Editor, Bifurcation and Chaos in Applied Sciences and Engineering, 1991-present
International Advisory Board, European Journal of Mechanics B/Fluids, 1990-present
Associate Editor, Video Journal of Engineering Research, 1990-present
Associate Editor, Theoretical and Computational Fluid Mechanics, 1989-present
Associate Editor, Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 1985-present
Associate Editor, Journal for Society for Interaction of Mathematics and Mechanics, 1979-84
Associate Editor, SIAM Journal of Applied Mathematics, 1976-79
Associate Editor, Journal of Applied Mechanics, 1973-76
Associate Editor, Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis, 1967-84

Subjects and Courses Taught

AEM 8201 -- Fluid Mechanics I
AEM 8207 -- Hydrodynamic Stability
AEM 8221 -- Rheological Fluid Mechanics
AEM 8295 -- Selected Topics in Fluid Mechanics
Curriculum Vitae Brief Biographical Sketch

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