Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Design Class Outreach

The Program

The AEM Design Class has an outreach project in which students go into the off-campus community to tell (primarily K-12) young people about aerospace and the exciting professional career opportunities it can provide. Students make presentations describing their design projects. This class project has two goals: make our students aware that they have a lifetime professional responsibility to educate the community and make young people aware of the exciting things that are happening in aerospace.

This project is a required part of the senior Design Class during Spring Semester. Students may choose to visit the class of one of their favorite teachers or go to one of the schools where Professor Vano coordinated a visit

Special Dimension -- 100th Anniversary First Flight

A group of Design Class students during academic year 2002-2003 designed a one-quarter scale model of the Wright Brothers 1903 Flyer. The challenge of the design that it had to be made almost to scale ( to look like a 1903 Flyer), fly at scale speeds (very slow) with electric powered propellers and be easily flown by a novice radio-control pilot (the 1903 Flyer was not stable). After the model has been shown to safely operate, it will be used as an AEM outreach program to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers first flight (December 17, 1903). Students will take the model to K-12 schools during the academic year 2003-2004 to show them a very good replication of the first flight, and tell them about the many contributions aerospace has given our society during these intervening 100 years. We expect to make an impression on many hundreds of K-12 students, especially at the elementary and middle school level, by bringing an important piece of history to life in front of their very own eyes.

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