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Aerospace News
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2017-11-22 Watch: NASA uses dust, salt, and smoke to visualize the 2017 hurricane season
2017-9-20 Elon Musk Releases Supercut of SpaceX Rocket Explosions
2017-1-20 These SpaceX Rocket Landing Photos Are Simply Jaw-Dropping
2017-1-17 Eugene Cernan, last man to walk on moon, dies aged 82
2017-1-17 SpaceX successfully launches Falcon 9 rocket months after explosion and SpaceX successfully lands its first-stage Falcon 9 rocket on drone ship and video of the landing
2017-1-12 SpaceX details its plans for landing three Falcon Heavy boosters at once
2017-1-12 A Sneaky Asteroid Buzzed By Earth Yesterday
2017-1-11 Scientists Predict Star Collision Visible To The Naked Eye In 2022
2017-1-9 SpaceX Gets the Green Light to Resume Rocket Launches and Next SpaceX launch slipped to avoid stormy weather, range conflict
2017-1-6 NASA Unveils 2 New Missions to Study Truly Strange Asteroids
2017-1-3 Elon Musk’s SpaceX says it has found cause of rocket explosion and plans to fly again Sunday
2017-1-3 China plans to land probes on far side of moon, Mars by 2020
2017-1-3 Most images of black holes are illustrations. Here’s what our telescopes actually capture.
2016-12-22 Epsilon rocket launches Japanese ERG mission
2016-12-21 NASA’s far-flung space robots keep findings signs of water
2016-12-15 Amazon delivered its first customer package by drone
2016-12-14 Earth woefully unprepared for surprise comet or asteroid, Nasa scientist warns
2016-12-12 Japan launching 'space junk' collector
2016-12-12 “We’re going out in a blaze of glory” — why NASA is crashing a 20-year-old spacecraft into Saturn
2016-12-12 How three black women helped send John Glenn into orbit
2016-12-12 Why the Soviet space workhorse Soyuz is still going strong – 50 years on
2016-12-9 John Glenn, first American to orbit the Earth, dies at 95
2016-12-8 Watch Richard Branson’s new spaceship fly solo for the first time
2016-12-8 NASA Is Building a $127 Million Space Mechanic
2016-12-5 Four Newest Elements In The Periodic Table Finally Named
2016-12-5 Plane talking: pilot uses aircraft to write 'Hello' on radar tracking map
2016-12-2 United Launch Alliance unveils website that lets you price out a rocket ‘like building a car’
2016-12-2 Unmanned Russian spacecraft crashes to Earth in Siberia
2016-11-30 Space could leave you blind, and scientists say they've finally figured out why
2016-11-30 Russia Falls Behind U.S. and China In Annual Space Launches
2016-11-30 Theory challenging Einstein's view on speed of light could soon be tested
2016-11-28 Mars lander smashed into ground at 540km/h after misjudging its altitude
2016-11-28 This space engine breaks a law of physics. But a NASA test says it works anyway.
2016-11-28 Facebook's solar-powered drone under investigation after 'accident'
2016-11-21 Wedge-tailed eagles do battle with mining giant's drones, knocking nine out of sky
2016-11-21 Measurement of Impulsive Thrust from a Closed Radio-Frequency Cavity in Vacuum
2016-11-21 Europe Launches 4 More Galileo Satellites
2016-11-17 SpaceX just asked permission to launch 4,425 satellites — more than orbit Earth today
2016-11-15 Crew members injured as plane avoids near collision with suspected drone
2016-11-14 Sharp-Eyed Earth-Observing Satellite Launches Atop Atlas V Rocket
2016-11-14 Space News: China Satellite Launched To Map Deep Space Using Pulsar X-Rays To Ease Navigation
2016-11-8 Cloud Wakes on the Lee Side of St. Helena Island
2016-11-7 The audacious plan to bring back supersonic flight — and change air travel forever
2016-11-7 China Launches Heavy-Lift Long March 5 Rocket for 1st Time
2016-11-4 World's Largest Space Telescope Is Complete, Expected to Launch in 2018
2016-11-3 NASA signals interest in extending commercial spaceflight to the Moon
2016-11-2 SpaceX Plan to Fuel Rockets With People Aboard Raises Alarm Bells
2016-10-31 Computing glitch may have doomed Mars lander
2016-10-31 A crushable runway technology saved Mike Pence's plane from disaster
2016-10-26 Long-term space flight gives astronauts extra inches - and back problems
2016-10-24 Mars orbiter locates Schiaparelli lander’s crash site
2016-10-20 Mars claims another spacecraft
2016-10-20 The Pentagon’s massive new telescope is designed to track space junk and watch out for killer asteroids
2016-10-20 Orbital ATK resumes flight from Wallops Island, Va., in a stunning launch visible for miles
2016-10-20 China launches its longest manned space mission, aims to explore ‘more deeply and more broadly’
2016-10-20 SpaceX’s Musk says sabotage unlikely cause of Sept. 1 explosion, but still a worry
2016-10-17 NASA’s Juno spacecraft has a problem, delays firing its engine
2016-10-17 China's Shenzhou 11 blasts off on space station mission
2016-10-13 NASA will allow private companies to hook up modules to the International Space Station
2016-10-12 'Space Brain': Mars Explorers May Risk Neural Damage, Study Finds
2016-10-6 Boeing CEO Vows to Beat Musk to Mars
2016-10-6 Milestone for Blue Origin as test of emergency escape system declared success
2016-10-3 International Space Station to trial Aussie-designed thrusters that could power journey to Mars
2016-10-3 The top 7 ways a trip to Mars could kill you, illustrated
2016-10-3 Rosetta probe lands on comet 67P ending 12-year mission
2016-9-28 Elon Musk offers glimpse of plans to deliver humans to Mars and Elon Musk has ambitious plans for Mars. Are they as crazy as they sound?
2016-9-27 SpaceX successfully tests Raptor engine it plans to send to Mars
2016-9-16 Amelia Earhart didn’t die in a plane crash, investigator says. This is his theory.
2016-9-15 Astronomers unveil most detailed map of the Milky Way to date
2016-9-14 Mansplaining: how not to talk to female Nasa astronauts
2016-9-13 Jeff Bezos unveils the design of Blue Origin's future orbital rocket — the New Glenn
2016-9-9 A small asteroid buzzed Earth Wednesday, but everything's cool
2016-9-9 NASA launches spacecraft to intercept asteroid
2016-9-7 I fly 747s for a living. Here are the amazing things I see every day.
2016-9-7 How history forgot the black women behind Nasa’s space race
2016-9-7 Philae lander found on comet 67P as Rosetta mission draws to a close
2016-9-7 Legendary 747 designer Sutter dies age 95 and 747: THE JUMBO REVOLUTION
2016-9-7 SpaceX rocket explodes on launch pad (video) and Elon Musk says astronauts would have been safe in the blast
2016-9-2 1,650lb 3D printed aircraft tool sets Guinness World Record
2016-9-2 Copernicus_Sentinel-1A_satellite_hit_by_space_particle
2016-9-1 Explosion at SpaceX launch pad at Cape Canaveral
2016-9-1 SpaceX finds a customer for its first reused rocket, satellite operator SES
2016-9-1 EmDrive: Nasa Eagleworks' paper has finally passed peer review, says scientist in the know
2016-8-24 NASA Funds Plan to Turn Used Rocket Fuel Tanks Into Space Habitats
2016-8-22 The inside story of how billionaires are racing to take you to outer space
2016-8-19 Astronauts Are About to Install a Parking Space for SpaceX and Boeing
2016-8-19 World's largest aircraft completes its first flight
2016-8-1 NASA’s new space plane is getting ready to take flight
2016-8-1 Astronauts who reach deep space 'far more likely to die from heart disease'
2016-7-29 50-Foot Rocket Built By Students Breaks Records
2016-7-26 World's largest seaplane unveiled by Chinese state company
2016-7-19 SpaceX successfully lands Falcon 9 rocket on solid ground for the second time
2016-7-18 A Cold War mystery: Why did Jimmy Carter save the space shuttle?
2016-7-18 Next SpaceX launch will bring critical docking adapter to International Space Station
2016-7-11 The mysterious syndrome impairing astronauts’ sight
2016-7-8 Saturn’s moon Titan could have the right chemistry for life
2016-7-7 Why NASA’s Juno Jupiter orbiter is a big deal
2016-7-5 'Welcome to Jupiter': Nasa mission puts Juno in orbit after five-year journey
2016-7-5 Luminous beauty of Jupiter's auroras revealed by Hubble telescope
2016-6-27 Juno probe closes in on Jupiter after five-year journey from Earth
2016-6-27 NASA approves five more years for Hubble Space Telescope
2016-6-24 India sets new record in space mission; PSLV C34 successfully injects 20 satellites into orbit
2016-6-22 Before feared spike in drone crashes, White House sets new rules
2016-6-22 Flying cars just took a big step closer to being legal
2016-6-22 Why Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is building the world’s largest airplane
2016-6-20 NASA’s new electric plane could be a significant step toward a cleaner era of aviation
2016-6-20 NASA’s 1976 Viking mission to Mars did all that was hoped for it — except find Martians
2016-6-20 Tim Peake's time in space is drawing to a close, but he'll remain a star and Back to Earth with a thump: Tim Peake prepares to bid farewell to the ISS
2016-6-16 SpaceX launches satellites, but booster landing fails
2016-6-10 MC-21: Russians hail new airliner as better than Boeing or Airbus
2016-6-9 World's first passenger drone cleared for testing in Nevada
2016-6-1 We Go for a Flight in the Amphibious Icon A5 Airplane
2016-5-31 Nasa makes second attempt to inflate new room at International Space Station
2016-5-31 SpaceX successfully lands a Falcon 9 rocket at sea for the third time
2016-5-27 Boeing shows off new 777X wing center
2016-5-27 Nasa hits problems with world’s first inflatable room for astronauts
2016-5-16 SpaceX Stuns the Cynics
2016-5-16 The awesome beauty of the Milky Way, in one enormous image
2016-5-13 SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft returns to Earth
2016-5-9 Mercury was a total mystery for centuries. We're finally learning its secrets.
2016-5-9 GoPro footage gives you a rocket's-eye view of spaceflight
2016-5-9 A SpaceX rocket just stuck its landing on a barge
2016-5-2 We Just Solved One of the Biggest Mysteries About How Water Flows on Mars
2016-5-2 Why did the historic Boeing 747 cross the road?
2016-5-2 Software Error Doomed Japanese Hitomi Spacecraft
2016-5-2 NASA has mapped every eclipse that will occur for the next 1,000 years
2016-4-28 SpaceX says it will fly a spacecraft to Mars as soon as 2018
2016-4-27 Boeing's oldest flyable twin-engine airliner makes last flight
2016-4-27 Beagle 2: most detailed images yet of lost Mars lander revealed
2016-4-25 Solar Impulse 2 lands safely in San Francisco after historic flight over Pacific
2016-4-22 The Curious Link Between the Fly-By Anomaly and the “Impossible” EmDrive Thruster
2016-4-22 China plans to reach Mars by 2020 and eventually build a moon base
2016-4-22 Solar Impulse 2 plane takes off from Hawaii to California -- with no fuel
2016-4-15 Alien ‘Wow!’ signal could be explained after almost 40 years
2016-4-12 Boeing, Lockheed to launch habitats for space tourists and researchers
2016-4-12 Nasa re-establishes solid contact with Kepler spacecraft
2016-4-11 Nasa scrambles to save Kepler spacecraft from state of emergency
2016-4-11 SpaceX rocket successfully lands on ocean drone platform for first time and SpaceX Delivers World's 1st Inflatable Room for Astronauts
2016-4-8 The ‘Human Computer’ Behind the Moon Landing Was a Black Woman
2016-4-7 Meet the latest multimillionaire with an out-of-this-world idea for space
2016-4-5 Proposed drone regulation could clear the way for widespread US services
2016-4-4 Found: The Wright Brothers' Lost 'Flying Machine' Patent
2016-4-4 Blue Origin sees third successful rocket landing, says owner Jeff Bezos
2016-4-4 How many digits of pi do we really need? Eh, not that many, says NASA.
2016-3-30 Aurora seen by Tim Peake from International Space Station – timelapse video
2016-3-29 Japanese X-ray satellite loses communication with Earth
2016-3-29 Behind The Scenes Of NASA’s ISS Resupply Mission And The Future Of U.S. Manned Spaceflight
2016-3-28 Unmanned cargo ship reaches International Space Station on resupply run
2016-3-24 Moon village envisioned by European Space Agency
2016-3-24 Moon's tilt changed by volcanic activity over three billion years ago
2016-3-22 This Aerospace Company Wants to Bring Supersonic Civilian Travel Back
2016-3-21 Racing to the moon: the coolest thing I watched at South by Southwest
2016-3-17 NASA Pursues Burning Desire to Study Fire Safety in Space
2016-3-14 NASA examines options and flight paths for SLS EM-2 mission
2016-3-14 ExoMars: 'giant nose' to sniff out life on Mars prepares for launch
2016-3-14 Elon Musk's Hyperloop could head to Europe before California
2016-3-14 Laser system set to revolutionise future aircraft, satellite data links
2016-3-14 Mars InSight mission gets new life after seismometer failure
2016-3-7 The story of the helicopter that saved 22 sailors from burning ships was forgotten. Until now.
2016-3-7 Elon Musk unfazed by SpaceX's failed landing: 'didn't expect this to work' and After a series of delays, SpaceX launches upgraded Falcon 9 rocket
2016-3-7 Hubble Team Breaks Cosmic Distance Record
2016-3-7 DARPA moves ahead with radical vertical takeoff aircraft
2016-3-3 Scott Kelly returns to Earth with a bump and a thumbs-up after record ISS stint
2016-3-2 Emirates plane completes world’s longest non-stop scheduled commercial flight
2016-3-2 ISS crew return to Earth setting space flight record for astronaut Scott Kelly
2016-3-1 NASA’s IBEX Observations Pin Down Interstellar Magnetic Field
2016-3-1 Korea to inject W200b into moon exploration for 3 years
2016-3-1 NASA wants to get supersonic with new passenger jet
2016-2-25 SpaceX readies another launch, but this time it warns the landing could fail.
2016-2-24 Large-ish Meteor Hits Earth... But No One Notices
2016-2-22 NASA aeronautics budget proposes return of X-planes
2016-2-22 Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic unveils new spacecraft ‘Unity’
2016-2-17 New Mars map could provide directions for a visitor's walk on the red planet
2016-2-15 Stare straight at NASA's year-long time lapse of the sun
2016-2-12 Gravitational waves: breakthrough discovery after two centuries of expectation and Gravitational Waves Exist: The Inside Story of How Scientists Finally Found Them
2016-2-10 Watch this spacetime: gravitational wave discovery expected
2016-2-3 Fun with a new data set: Chang'e 3 lander and Yutu rover camera data
2016-2-1 Why investors are following Musk, Bezos in betting on the stars
2016-2-1 Satellite failure caused global GPS timing anomaly
2016-2-1 SpaceX Successfully Tests Crew Dragon Landing Parachutes
2016-1-29 Clay tablets reveal Babylonians discovered astronomical geometry 1,400 years before Europeans
2016-1-26 NASA leverages ISS as it gets go ahead for a deep space habitat
2016-1-26 Blue Origin launches and lands the same New Shepard that flew in November
2016-1-26 XKCD: Possible Undiscovered Planets
2016-1-26 Rise in space junk could provoke armed conflict say scientists
2016-1-26 Astronaut Scott Kelly plays liquid ping pong in space – video
2016-1-21 Evidence suggests huge ninth planet exists past Pluto at solar system's edge
2016-1-19 SpaceX rocket explodes while trying to land on drone ship in case you missed it: Elon Musk’s SpaceX returns to flight and pulls off dramatic, historic landing
2015-12-14 Mandatory FAA drone registration starts December 21
2015-12-9 After 60 Years, B-52s Still Dominate U.S. Fleet
2015-12-8 Japanese space probe Akatsuki enters orbit around Venus five years late
2015-12-7 Commercial space station resupply launch success—Cygnus blasts off
2015-12-7 New Horizons Returns First of the Best Images of Pluto and New Horizons probe beams back sharpest ever images of Pluto
2015-12-7 Found! Apollo 16 S-IVB Impact Crater
2015-11-30 Amazon unveils hybrid drone prototype to make deliveries within 30 minutes
2015-11-30 Satellite launch accident provides unexpected test of Einstein’s theory
2015-11-25 Jeff Bezos sticks rocket landing, stakes claim in billionaires’ space race Cool Video!
2015-11-24 Gravity will rip Martian moon apart to form dust and rubble ring
2015-11-23 Will this European satellite confirm Einstein’s last unproven idea?
2015-11-23 Nasa signs first contracts with SpaceX for manned commercial spaceflight
2015-11-19 How property rights in outer space may lead to a scramble to exploit the moon’s resources
2015-11-16 Still no flying cars? The future of transit promises something even better
2015-11-11 Video: Daredevils fly over Dubai alongside A380 -- don't be these guys
2015-11-9 The FAA is about to require recreational drone registration. Here are the recommended rules.
2015-11-6 How to colonize Mars (leagally)
2015-11-5 Nasa seeks new class of astronauts as US nears return to crewed space missions
2015-10-27 Itty-Bitty Satellites Could Carry Your Experiments to Space
2015-10-27 World View completes major flight test of Voyager spacecraft scale replica
2015-10-27 NASA's last original Voyager engineer is retiring
2015-10-19 George Mueller, NASA engineer who helped enable moon landing, dies at 97
2015-10-16 Pluto as we know it now: Nasa report unwraps enigma of dwarf planet
2015-10-15 MIPS in space: Inside NASA’s New Horizons mission to Pluto
2015-10-15 Seeing Stars Again: Naval Academy Reinstates Celestial Navigation
2015-10-12 New era beckons for supersonic air travel
2015-10-7 The Martian: Nasa unveils real-life photos from locations in hit film
2015-10-7 Images of Pluto and Charon continue to captivate Nasa: 'This world is alive'
2015-10-6 See a Boeing Dreamliner built in under 2 minutes
2015-10-6 One small click: thousands of Apollo astronaut photos land on Flickr
2015-10-2 The case for going to Phobos before going to Mars
2015-9-29 Nasa scientists find evidence of flowing water on Mars
2015-9-28 Why NASA's road to Mars plan proves that it should return to the moon first
2015-9-28 Airbus Perlan Mission II takes flight
2015-9-25 Feeling Supersonic: Bloodhound SSC Officially Unveiled, Record Date Announced
2015-9-17 NASA delays first crewed flight of vehicle that will take astronauts to Mars
2015-8-31 DARPA’s next-gen drones will launch and land on other airplanes. While they’re moving.
2015-8-31 Six amazing sights that look even better from the International Space Station
2015-8-21 Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon – then claimed $33.31 in travel expenses
2015-8-21 Dark side of the moon captured by Nasa satellite a million miles from Earth
2015-8-21 Elon Musk’s hyperloop is actually getting kind of serious
2015-7-28 Virgin Galactic (SpaceShipTwo) crash blamed on human error and Poor Pilot Training Blamed for Virgin Galactic Crash
2015-7-28 Voyager's golden record for aliens now available on soundcloud
2015-7-28 German scientists confirm NASA results of propellantless 'impossible' EM drive
2015-7-24 Earth 2.0: Nasa says scientists have found 'closest twin' outside solar system
2015-7-23 Space travel thins your skin
2015-7-23 Soyuz capsule docks with International Space Station after two-month delay
2015-7-22 Stephen Hawking launches $100m search for alien life beyond solar system
2015-7-22 Rosetta And Philae Status Update
2015-7-20 Americans just can’t seem to stop pointing lasers at planes
2015-7-20 Pluto pictures: new high-resolution image delights and intrigues scientists
2015-7-20 To Mars and boldly beyond: space missions to look out for
2015-7-16 Finally, here are the stunning pictures of Pluto NASA has waited a decade to capture
2015-7-15 Pluto flyby: Nasa's New Horizons probe sends signal to Earth – as it happened
2015-7-10 Meet the first American astronauts headed to space from U.S. soil in years
2015-7-10 Nasa’s New Horizons spacecraft ready for Pluto fly-by
2015-7-6 Glitch Halts New Horizons Operations as It Nears Pluto and problem solved: NASA’s New Horizons Plans July 7 Return to Normal Science Operations
2015-7-6 Russian craft delivers long-awaited cargo to space station
2015-7-6 Solar Impulse lands in Hawaii after longest non-stop solo flight in history
2015-7-2 Rosetta spacecraft spots enormous sinkholes on comet 67P
2015-6-30 Venus and Jupiter: Together at Last Check it out Tonight!
2015-6-29 A detailed photo tour of NASA’s space shuttle cockpit trainer
2015-6-22 'Tantalising' glimpse of volcanic eruptions on Venus
2015-6-22 Solar plane pilot: We might not make it this yea
2015-6-18 Rosetta space orbiter to be moved closer to Philae lander comet
2015-6-15 Philae comet lander 'wakes up' from hibernation to resume Rosetta mission
2015-6-8 Watch the US Navy test its electromagnetic jet fighter catapult
2015-6-8 Bee forces Flybe flight BE384 to turn back to Southampton
2015-6-8 Meet Adeline, Airbus’ Answer To SpaceX Reusability
2015-6-1 Rosetta team propose ending mission by landing on comet
2015-6-1 Sun-powered Solar Impulse plane begins marathon Pacific flight, tracking is here
2015-5-26 Mars Rover's Laser-Zapping Instrument Gets Sharper Vision
2015-5-26 India closer to developing its own space shuttle
2015-5-26 Throwback Thursday: Are asteroids dangerous?
2015-5-22 Back to Earth: SpaceX capsule returns from International Space Station
2015-5-21 Spacecraft sailing on sunbeams begins test flight
2015-5-18 Russian rocket carrying satellite burns up over Siberia and launch video
2015-5-18 Opinion: It Is, in Fact, Rocket Science
2015-5-13 ISS Crew Stuck in Orbit While Russia Assesses Rocket
2015-5-12 Hanging out with someone who walked on the moon
2015-5-11 Book Review: David McCullough turns his attention to the Wright brothers
2015-5-8 Sun ejects intense, X-class flare, signaling increase in solar activity
2015-5-7 SpaceX tests launch abort system -- has video of the test
2015-5-5 SpaceX Dragon passenger capsule due to get key test
2015-5-5 Here's how to make espresso in outer space
2015-5-4 Evaluating NASA’s Futuristic EM Drive
2015-5-4 US aviation authority: Boeing 787 bug could cause 'loss of control'
2015-5-1 Messenger's Mercury trip ends with a bang, and silence
2015-5-1 FAA: 2 million lines of code process new air traffic system
2015-4-23 In celebration of 25 years of Hubble
2015-4-22 Rosetta Watches Comet Erupt With a Dusty Surprise
2015-4-21 Astronaut snaps epic 'Star Trek' selfie in space
2015-4-20 Rocket Lab unveils world's first battery rocket engine (at least for the turbo pumps)
2015-4-20 NASA Probe to Crash Into Mercury in 2 Weeks
2015-4-17 Solar-powered plane on round-the-world flight gets stuck in China
2015-4-16 SpaceX rocket nearly sticks landing before tipping and exploding – video
2015-4-15 SpaceX rocket hits barge, Elon Musk says, but ‘too hard for survival’
2015-4-15 Here's mud in your eye: Rosetta's 'star trackers' muddled by comet dust
2015-4-14 Briny Water May Pool in Mars' Equatorial Soil
2015-4-2 We're Planning to Shoot an Asteroid to See What Happens
2015-3-30 US and Russian astronauts blast off on history-making space trip
2015-3-26 NASA mission will show off new propulsion method, asteroid defense mechanism
2015-3-23 Rosetta_makes_first_detection_of_molecular_nitrogen_at_a_comet
2015-3-23 Huge Lava Tubes Could Exist on the Moon
2015-3-16 40 years and counting: the team behind Voyager’s space odyssey
2015-3-16 Meet NASA’s new expandable space habitat
2015-3-16 This is Lockheed Martin’s new way to get supplies to the space station — and beyond
2015-3-12 Space rocket passes key test ahead of Nasa deep-space launcher flight and Watch a test of the rocket NASA says will go to Mars and see what 3.6 million lbs of thrust looks like
2015-3-12 Billionaire teams up with NASA to mine the moon
2015-3-9 Swiss pilots attempt first around-the-world solar flight
2015-5-6 NASA finds evidence of a vast ancient ocean on Mars
2015-3-5 Mars Curiosity rover experiences short circuit; NASA parks it for tests
2015-3-4 ULA ready to compete against Elon Musk’s space startup, CEO says
2015-3-2 Hubble at 25: the cosmos at its most breathtaking – in pictures
2015-3-2 Spacewalking astronauts finish extensive, tricky cable job
2015-3-2 Do we really want to know if we’re not alone in the universe?
2015-2-27 That spooky white spot on Ceres? New photos show two of them.
2015-2-24 Google Lunar XPrize teams partner for a 2016 SpaceX moonshot
2015-2-20 The Dream Of Delivery Drones Is Alive
2015-2-13 NOAA’s new deep space solar monitoring satellite launches and SpaceX Launches DSCOVR Satellite at Last, but Skips Rocket Landing
2015-2-11 IXV mission. ESA’s wingless spaceplane mission timeline
2015-2-10 Neil Armstrong's widow discovers moon camera in cupboard
2015-2-9 DARPA’s ALASA could pave way for cheaper, faster satellite launches
2015-2-9 Weekend Diversion: the Moon as no one’s seen it
2015-2-6 NASA Spacecraft Ready to Unlock Ceres' Mysteries
2015-2-5 Soviet Cosmonauts Carried a Shotgun Into Space
2015-2-3 White House budget: All systems go at NASA
2015-1-27 Virgin Galactic to test new rocket without longtime aerospace partner
2015-1-20 Watch the Incredible 'Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly' of SpaceX's Falcon 9 Rocket
2015-1-16 'Lost' 2003 Mars Lander Found by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
2015-1-13 SpaceX's drone ship returns to port damaged and SpaceX Claims Partial Success with Rocket Crash Landing
2015-1-8 NASA Approves SpaceX's Plans to Send Astronauts to Space Station
2015-1-5 For SpaceX, 'X' marks the spot
2014-12-23 Video Gives Astronaut’s-Eye View Inside NASA’s Orion Spacecraft
2014-12-10 Orbital Space Station Resupply Plan Includes ULA Atlas rocket
2014-12-10 SpaceX Will Try to Land Rocket on Floating Ocean Platform
2014-12-8 The Orion spacecraft is no smarter than your phone
2014-12-8 Orion spacecraft's flawless test flight puts Mars exploration one step closer
2014-12-4 NASA's Orion launch scrubbed, rescheduled for Friday
2014-12-1 Orion gives NASA and Houston a means to fly, a cause for hope
2014-11-24 NASA Encourages Asteroid Mining
2014-11-24 Europa Image Remastered Using Latest Image Processing Techniques
2014-11-20 Martin Jetpack closer to takeoff in first responder applications
2014-11-17 Boeing Stacks Two Satellites to Launch as a Pair
2014-11-10 Disaster at the speed of sound: the tragedy of SpaceShipTwo’s final flight
2014-11-4 Virgin Galactic space plane's re-entry system activated early, say investigators
2014-11-3 China completes first mission to moon and back
2014-10-31 "Space is hard and today was a tough day." (Virgin Galactic)
2014-10-30 Russian rocket manufacturer insists it is not to blame for failed Antares launch
2014-10-29 Giant Sunspot Keeps Firing Off Huge Solar Flares
2014-10-27 SpaceX's Dragon splashes down with critical research on human spaceflight
2014-10-27 Parachutist’s Record Fall: Over 25 Miles in 15 Minutes
2014-10-20 After 50 years, Japan set to launch a new commercial passenger plane
2014-10-15 Mission Selfie From 16 Km
2014-10-13 The First Spacewalk How the first human to take steps in outer space nearly didn't return to Earth
2014-10-3 Sally Ride: America's First Woman in Space (Amazon Book) is out
2014-10-3 Wiener’s Laws - not news, but interesting
2014-10-3 Jerrie Mock, first woman to fly solo around the world, dies aged 88
2014-9-22 SpaceX Launches Dragon Cargo Ship for NASA
2014-9-17 Nasa grants Boeing and SpaceX contracts for manned space flights
2014-9-16 Rosetta: Audacious comet landing site chosen
2014-9-15 Curiosity Arrives at Mount Sharp
2014-9-12 China eyes first space station by around 2022
2014-9-12 Big solar storm heading toward Earth see for the lastest.
2014-9-8 Acceleration: Launch Of Asiasat 6 Marks Uptick In Spacex Launches
2014-9-5 Newly found asteroid to pass close to Earth on Sunday
2014-9-3 The Mystery of Saturn’s Expanding F Ring
2014-8-31 Battle of the Heavyweight Rockets – SLS could face Exploration Class rival
2014-8-28 Galileo Satellites Incident Likely Result of Software Errors
2014-8-20 CNN Photo Gallery: Mars rover Curiosity
2014-8-20 Asteroid_1950da_impact_in_2880_very_unlikely
2014-8-20 Help classify ISS pictures of cities.
2014-8-20 Space Flight: Increasingly, Gifted Individuals are Opting for the Private Sector Over NASA
2014-7-28 Astronauts Simulate Deep-Space Mission in Underwater Lab
2014-7-24 Spacex Soft Lands Falcon 9 Rocket First Stage
2014-7-21 "One small step" into history, 45 years later
2014-7-21 Lunar Pits Could Shelter Astronauts, Reveal Details of How 'Man in the Moon' Formed
2014-7-15 Mark Your Calendars: In A Year, We'll Arrive At Pluto
2014-7-15 Falcon 9 Launches Orbcomm Og2 Satellites To Orbit
2014-7-15 SpaceX Just Got Permission to Build a Spaceport in Texas
2014-7-7 Cassini’s amazing space odyssey to Saturn
2014-7-7 Montana crews try to recover Boeing fuselages from river bank
2014-7-7 NASA approves Space Launch System, the most powerful rocket ever, for deep-space travel
2014-7-3 Nasa launches satellite to track CO2 in the atmosphere
2014-6-27 Orion: US spaceship parachute test succeeds
2014-6-26 Tau Day is June 28
2014-6-25 Video of Falcon 9 Reusable (F9R) during a 1000m test flight
2014-6-16 NASA releases best images yet of a near-Earth asteroid [Video]
2014-6-16 BLOODHOUND SSC Cockpit Completed
2014-6-10 Last Man on the Moon recalls US era of courage to do the impossible
2014-6-5 FBI Protecting Aircraft from Lasers Trial Program Being Expanded Nationwide
2014-6-4 Solar Impulse 2 makes first flight
2014-5-30 SpaceX unveils new spacecraft to take astronauts to space station, back to Earth
2014-5-29 Robots Will Pave the Way to Mars
2014-5-27 MIT figures out how to give the moon broadband -- using lasers
2014-5-27 Brand New Crater on Mars Revealed by Before-and-After Pictures
2014-5-27 World's worst planes: The aircraft that failed
2014-5-21 The Birth of a Meteor Shower
2014-5-20 NASA's Plan to Block Light From Distant Stars to Find 'Earth 2.0'
2014-5-19 SpaceX Dragon returns to Earth after space station mission
2014-5-16 Airbus E-Fan electric aircraft makes first flight
2014-4-28 How Japan Plans to Build an Orbital Solar Farm
2014-4-28 SpaceX Successfully Soft-Landed Booster Rocket in the Atlantic
2014-4-24 Asteroid impact risks 'underappreciated'
2014-4-24 The Hackers who recovered NASA's lost Lunar Photos
2014-4-21 Nasa's moon explorer Ladee crashes on far side of the moon
2014-4-18 Nasa Kepler telescope discovers planet believed to be most Earth-like yet found
2014-4-15 SpaceX poised for space station cargo run Monday after several delays
2014-4-14 Pluto May Have Deep Seas and Ancient Tectonic Faults
2014-4-11 How Heartbleed Works: The Code Behind the Internet's Security Nightmare or the xkcd comic version
2014-3-26 The NASA Z-2 Suit Vote for your favorite color scheme
2014-3-24 Goodyear's new state-of-the-art airship makes its first flight
2014-3-17 NASA shuttle veteran gives old parts new life for L.A. exhibit
2014-3-17 Jack Kinzler, Skylab’s Savior, Dies at 94
2014-3-7 Drone pilot wins case against FAA
2014-3-3 Up, up and down: The ephemerality and reality of the jetpack
2014-2-27 Kepler's Alien World Count Skyrockets
2014-2-27 The audacious rescue plan that might have saved space shuttle Columbia
2014-2-26 Space Elevators Are Totally Possible (and Will Make Rockets Seem Dumb)
2014-2-25 Record-Breaking Meteorite Crash on Moon Sparks Brightest Lunar Explosion Ever
2014-2-25 SpaceX Falcon Rocket to Test Landing Legs
2014-2-24 Japanese company proposes to build solar power cells on the Moon to provide clean energy to Earth
2014-2-12 FBI: $10,000 reward for info on anyone who points a laser at an aircraft
2014-2-11 NASA is now accepting applications from companies that want to mine the moon
2014-1-21 Rosetta the comet-chasing spacecraft wakes up
2014-1-13 Success! SpaceShipTwo hits new heights during rocket test
2013-11-4 SkyRunner car goes off-road and off-ground
2013-11-4 Skunk Works Reveals SR-71 Successor Plan
2013-10-29 Is Europa Too Prickly to Land On?
2013-10-22 Company to Balloon Tourists to the Edge of Space
2013-10-21 Carbon-negative energy, a reality at last -- and cheap, too
2013-10-21 Aeromobil flying car prototype gets off the ground for the first time
2013-10-17 Saturn As You’ve Never Seen It Before
2013-10-11 US astronaut Scott Carpenter dies aged 88
2013-10-4 Just 1 day to go until the World Solar Challenge – team status update U of M SVP is there!
2013-10-4 Astronaut Talks “Gravity,” Spacewalking, ISS
2013-10-3 Scientists find evidence of supervolcanoes on Mars
2013-9-30 SpaceX Launches Next-Generation Private Falcon 9 Rocket on Big Test Flight
2013-9-30 Private Cygnus Spacecraft Makes Historic 1st Rendezvous with Space Station
2013-9-25 F-16 Flies with an Empty Cockpit
2013-9-23 On Mars, no proof yet, but scientists’ search for extraterrestrial life continues
2013-9-23 NASA looks to post-2020 International Space Station operations
2013-9-12 Voyager 1 probe becomes first man-made object to leave solar system
2013-9-10 Aeroscraft begins flight testing following FAA certification
2013-8-30 NASA'S Mars Curiosity Debuts Autonomous Navigation
2013-8-30 Neil deGrasse Tyson says that private business will not open the space frontier
2013-8-26 NASA visualizes asteroid capture plan
2013-8-23 The drone that may never have to land
2013-8-23 Space Suit Session Day 1 at Copenhagen Suborbitals and Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4
2013-8-19 RINGS propels satellites without propellants
2013-7-29 NASA’s Garver Floats Idea of Capturing Larger Asteroid
2013-7-14 Tiny Robotic Cubes Could Rule the Solar System
2013-7-14 AeroVelo Human-Powered Helicopter Wins Elusive $250,000 Sikorsky Prize! Read more: AeroVelo Human-Powered Helicopter Wins Elusive $250,000 Sikorsky Prize! | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
2013-7-8 Solar-powered plane lands in New York to complete cross-country trip
2013-7-8 SpaceX Grasshopper launch filmed from hexacopter
2013-7-2 Unmanned Russian rocket explodes seconds after liftoff
2013-7-1 Voyager 1 Discovers Bizarre and Baffling Region at Edge of Solar System
2013-6-28 Mini magnetospheres -- or spaceship shields
2013-6-27 NASA's NEXT ion thruster runs five and a half years nonstop to set new record
2013-6-21 Stalking world's biggest planes makes for photos that say 'wow'
2013-5-31 Mars Explorers Face Huge Radiation Problem
2013-5-29 In pictures: Global flight paths
2013-5-13 Astronauts Fix Space Station Ammonia Leak
2013-5-3 NASA’s Fermi spacecraft dodged a 1.5-ton Russian bullet
2013-4-30 Space rock leaves a bullet hole in the ISS solar array
2013-4-30 SpaceShipTwo goes supersonic during first rocket-powered flight
2013-4-29 Global_experts_agree_action_needed_on_space_debris
2013-4-26 Is Race to Build Human-Powered Helicopter Hovering Near an End? At Stake: $250,000
2013-4-25 Solar Impulse: Across America 2013 - Golden Gate Flight
2013-4-25 NASA lets us watch the Sun spin for 3 years in 4 minute video
2013-4-23 NASA and Bigelow Aerospace Make Plans for Moon Base
2013-4-22 Life on Mars to become a reality in 2023, Dutch firm claims
2013-4-22 New Private Rocket Launches Into Orbit On Maiden Voyage
2013-4-19 Lessons from space: what happens when an astronaut wrings out a wet cloth in orbit
2013-4-11 Hijacking airplanes with an Android phone
2013-4-11 Rocket powered by nuclear fusion could send humans to Mars
2013-4-1 Automation giant’s robotic dragonfly mimics full flight capabilities including glide, hover and flying backwards.
2013-4-1 4-Billion-Pixel Panorama From Curiosity Rover Brings Mars to Your Computer Screen
2013-3-25 ELC: Lessons Learned Developing Software for Space Vehicles
2013-3-21 Voyager 1 has entered a new region of space, sudden changes in cosmic rays indicate
2013-3-11 Video: Watch Space-X Grasshopper take off and land
2013-3-11 Physicists Discover a Whopping 13 New Solutions to Three-Body Problem
2013-3-11 Gustave Whitehead - Pioneer Aviator And first to Fly -- Photo Analysis
2013-3-6 Swimming with spacemen: training for spacewalks at NASA’s giant pool
2013-3-4 NASA's Mars Rover Curiosity in Safe Mode After Computer Glitch
2013-3-4 SpaceX 'Dragon' capsule reaches International Space Station
2013-3-1 NASA's Van Allen Probes Discover a Surprise Circling Earth -- there is a third one!
2013-3-1 SpaceX CRS-2 Mission is having a problem with thrusters not initializing.
2013-2-15 BREAKING: Huge Meteor Blazes Across Sky Over Russia; Sonic Boom Shatters Windows
2013-2-13 Kulula Air with New Funny Livery Flying 101 paint job for nerds
2013-2-11 NASA Curiosity Rover Collects First Martian Bedrock Sample
2013-2-5 An asteroid is coming, and scientists are excited. Fear not, Earth is safe
2013-1-25 NASA rover Opportunity begins 10th year on Mars
2013-1-8 Is there life on Mars?
2013-1-2 Private Space Travel to Make Giant Leaps in 2013
2012-12-18 Video Tour of the International Space Station
2012-12-7 Aeroscraft dirigible airship prototype approaches completion
2012-12-5 Nightline Video clip of America's Cup Catamaran Sailing -- this is not your father's America's cup!
2012-12-5 Mars One Will Take Humanity To Mars As A Not-For-Profit Foundation -- One as in one-way that is.
2012-12-4 NASA Voyager 1 Encounters New Region in Deep Space
2012-12-3 Skylon spaceplane engine concept achieves key milestone
2012-11-26 Sailrocket runs 65.45 knots (75 mph) to smash World Speed Sailing Record
2012-11-26 Elon Musk, the Rocket Man With a Sweet Ride
2012-11-19 SpaceX CEO Elon Musk: 'Europe's rocket has no chance'
2012-11-7 Death-Defying Skydiver Felix Baumgartner 'It's Never Been about the Thrills'
2012-11-5 Curiosity Snaps 'Arm's Length' Self Portrait: Big Pic
2012-10-29 SpaceX Dragon completes 1st commercial cargo flight
2012-10-26 Sunseeker team building a two-passenger solar-powered airplane
2012-10-26 X-51a test results released and confirmed that a malfunctioning fin was the cause of the crash
2012-10-25 Don’t Sneeze in Space: When Astronauts Get Sick
2012-10-22 NASA working on refueling satellites
2012-10-17 Closest planet found outside solar system
2012-10-15 The tech behind Felix Baumgartner’s stratospheric skydive
2012-10-9 Curiosity discovers unidentified, metallic object on Mars
2012-10-9 That smooth SpaceX launch? Turns out one of the engines came apar
2012-10-8 Blood in Zero Gravity: NASA Tries to Prepare for Surgery in Space
2012-10-8 SpaceX Dragon capsule launched to space station
2012-10-5 The Best Way to Find Aliens: Look for Their Solar Power Plants
2012-10-2 Ice may lurk in shadows beyond Moon's poles
2012-9-25 Revealing the Universe: the Hubble Extreme Deep Field
2012-9-18 Tandem satellites probe the Moon's interior
2012-9-13 Mars rover performing 'almost flawlessly'
2012-9-11 FAA Permits American Airlines to Use iPads in Cockpit during "all phases of flight"
2012-9-7 NASA’s Historic Giant Crawler Gets a Tune Up for Modern Times
2012-9-6 Toothbrush used for vital space station repairs (+video)
2012-9-5 35 years later, Voyager 1 is heading for the stars
2012-8-30 NASA Launches Radiation Belt Storm Probes Mission
2012-8-29 LiftPort plans to build space elevator on the Moon by 2020
2012-8-27 Neil Armstrong did say it was "one small step for a man." But he certainly was not just any man.
2012-8-24 XCOR to estabilish Florida base
2012-8-23 Mars rover passes first driving test
2012-8-22 Video purports to show successful hover bike test flights
2012-7-16 Virgin Galactic announces new launch vehicle
2012-7-5 Final Air France crash report says pilots failed to react swiftly
2012-6-26 Gamera II team smashes previous best human-powered helicopter flight time
2012-6-22 Final Frontier Design creating budget space suit for private space industry
2012-6-18 China Sends First Female Astronaut To Space and Historic Chinese space mission docks successfully
2012-6-18 Air Force space vehicle comes in for a landing
2012-6-12 NASA Mars Rover Team Aims for Landing Closer to Prime Science Site
2012-6-12 NuSTAR to Drop From Plane and Rocket Into Space
2012-6-7 Solar Impulse Completes World’s First Solar-Powered Intercontinental Flight! Bertrand Piccard is the great-nephew of our Prof. Jean Picard.
2012-5-31 First private capsule to dock at space station returns to Earth
2012-5-31 Everything you need to know about next week’s Transit of Venus
2012-5-25 SpaceX capsule captured by space station crew in historic mission
2012-5-22 Successful Launch Kicks Off Spacex's Historic Mission
2012-5-21 SpaceX replaces faulty rocket valve for space station flight
2012-5-14 Russian satellite's 121-megapixel image of Earth is most detailed yet
2012-5-2 Inside The First Production-Ready Electric Airplane
2012-5-1 Air France Flight 447: 'Damn it, we’re going to crash’
2012-4-27 Key tests for Skylon spaceplane project
2012-4-25 Ice prospecting robotic rover books a ticket for the Moon
2012-4-24 Private company does indeed plan to mine asteroids… and I think they can do it
2012-4-24 Private spaceship launch to space station to be delayed
2012-4-19 Flying the world, from his own garage
2012-4-17 Sixty Years On, B-52s Are Still Going Strong
2012-4-16 Killer at 70,000 Feet
2012-4-11 SpaceX considering a new 'Commercial Cape Canaveral' in Texas
2012-4-4 We Can Survive Killer Asteroids — But It Won’t Be Easy
2012-4-2 What went wrong with the Hubble Space Telescope (and what managers can learn from it)
2012-4-2 Flying Car Makes Successful Maiden Flight and pictures are on the web site.
2012-4-2 New rocket thruster can travel to the moon on 1/10th of a litre of fuel
2012-3-20 SpaceX gets astronauts to try out its Dragon crew cabin
2012-3-20 A biplane to break the sound barrier
2012-3-9 Startram - maglev train to low earth orbit
2012-3-8 The Rocket Endeavors of Derek Deville: Qu8k - Q-18,000 Flight to 121,000' -- Impressive amateur rocket
2012-3-7 Zero Robotics Autonomous Space Capture Challenge -- on-line contest begins March 28, 2012
2012-3-7 NASA Jet Stream Study Will Light up The Night Sky
2012-3-7 Asteroid 2011 AG5: a football-stadium-sized rock to watch carefully
2011-11-3 NASA scientists will be tracking asteroid 2005 YU55, as the space rock safely flies past Earth slightly closer than the moon's orbit on Nov. 8.
2011-10-28 Boeing 787 Dreamliner makes first passenger flight
2011-9-29 Boeing's 787 aims to raise bar in comfort -- The first 787 is delivered.
2011-9-23 UARS satellite: New images of tumbling US spacecraft.
2011-9-19 Amazing Timelapse Video from the Space Station
2011-9-14 NASA Announces Design for New Deep Space Exploration System
2011-9-12 NASA GRAIL Mission to the Moon Underway NASA's GRAIL mission to study the moon from crust to core successfully lifted off from Cape Canaveral.
2011-8-29 Russian Progress space freighter lost which was to resupply the ISS.
2011-8-22 China Reveals Solar Sail Plan To Prevent Apophis Hitting Earth in 2036
2011-7-28 WISE finds the very first Earth Trojan asteroid
2011-7-26 NASA Tentatively Approves Combining SpaceX Flights which will result in the first private flight to the ISS.
2011-7-25 Latest rover set to explore Mars -- An animation of how the rover Curiosity will get to Mars and what it will do there.
2011-7-20 BiPod - Rutan's Latest, and Last
2011-7-20 Dawn Takes First Ever Close-up Image of Asteroid Vesta
2011-7-18 Confirmed! Dawn is Orbiting Asteroid Vesta
2011-7-14 NASA sets up robotic satellite refueling experiment on International Space Station
2011-7-12 Adler Planetarium Completes Massive NVidia-Powered Digital Projector
2011-7-5 Several items about the next Mars Rover Curiosity:
2011-6-29 International Space Station in debris scare
2011-6-24 European Space Agency set to build experimental transport spacecraft
2011-6-9 China's second moon orbiter Chang'e-2 goes to outer space
2011-6-8 Historic Pairing: Shuttle Docked to the ISS : Big Picture A first and a last...
2011-5-31 Two very cool time lapse videos:
2011-5-25 NASA lets go of Spirit -- Six years into what was originally to be a 90 day mission
2011-5-24 A revolutionary UK spaceplane concept has been boosted by the conclusions of an important technical review.
2011-5-17 First 'habitable' exoplanet confirmed
2011-5-11 NASA satellite captures first image of target asteroid
2011-5-9 Project Icarus: An Interstellar Mission Timeline
2011-5-5 SpaceShipTwo's First "Feathered" Flight
2011-5-5 Harrison Schmitt's Plan to Solve the Energy Problem by Mining the Moon
2011-5-5 NASA Gravity Probe Confirms Two Einstein Theories
2011-4-28 Thanks to YouTube, the space shuttle Endeavour's last crew will be available for questions live, while they are in orbit.
2011-4-27 China Plans Space Station By 2020
2011-4-27 NASA looking to build "gas" stations in space
2011-4-19 NASA has awarded four Space Act Agreements in the second round of the agency’s Commercial Crew Development program.
2011-4-12 Ham satellite broadcast celebrates 1st manned space flight It's been 50 years since Gagarin’s historic flight.
2011-4-11 The clash of two titans - physics and chemistry - are major barriers to human space travel to Mars and beyond, and may well make it impossible ... at least with current technologies.
2011-4-4 Aerospace legend Burt Rutan ready for a landing -- This is the career you want to have.
2011-4-4 Earth's gravity revealed in unprecedented detail -- check out the animated earth geoid.
2011-4-1 Pioneer Anomaly Solved By 1970s Computer Graphics Technique
2011-3-31 Messenger Spacecraft Sends First Image From Mercury's Orbit
2011-3-30 Despite NASA's best efforts to wake her, Mars Exploration Rover Spirit remains silent on the Red Planet's surface.
2011-3-29 Discovery heads into retirement: Pictures of Discovery being decommissioned.
2011-3-25 First student-developed mission in which satellites orbit and communicate led by UT students. This is FASTRAC, which is UT's nano-satellite program.
2011-3-22 Long term exposure to radiation is one of the biggest challenges in long-duration human spaceflights and NASA is now looking for what it called revolutionary technology that would help protect astronauts from the deadly matter.
2011-3-11 ME Magazine has an interesting article on 747 Engine Mounting Troubles due to its use of the first high-bypass turbofan engines.
2011-3-8 The scientists that help NASA prioritize space missions has come out with its exploration recommendations for the next decade: get to Mars, explore one of Jupiter's moons and study Uranus.
2011-3-4 Last mission of Discovery as seen from the ground
2011-3-4 A Half-Gigabyte View of the Moon
2011-3-1 First Probe To Orbit Mercury Will Answer Big Questions
2011-2-28 NASA wants spacecraft designed for Mars return trip
2011-2-23 Launching a Space Station to Other Worlds
2011-2-21 787 Dreamliner teaches Boeing costly lesson on outsourcing
2011-2-18 X Prize $30 million private race to the moon is on
2011-2-17 How to Build a Telescope Even More Powerful Than Hubble: Pictures and description of the Webb Space telescope.
2011-2-14 Why infertility will stop humans colonizing space
2011-2-9 Japanese Space Agency to Use Fishing Nets to Scoop Up Space Junk
2011-2-9 Robot Jet Fighter Takes First Flight – Aiming for Aircraft Carriers in 2013 (video)
2011-2-7 First Ever STEREO Images of the Entire Sun: on Feb. 6th, NASA's twin STEREO probes moved into position on opposite sides of the sun
2011-2-7 Water-Powered Jetpack Runs Two Hours on Single Tank
2011-2-2 Students record video of the Earth from edge of space
2011-1-26 NASA to morph Kennedy Space Center into commercial role
2011-1-21 Canadian firm plans 78-satellite Net service
2011-1-19 Global Observer unmanned aircraft makes first hydrogen-powered flight
2011-1-18 The prospects for lunar mining depend on Can we afford to return to the Moon? and Lunar Legal Issues.
2011-1-10 The Human Mission to Mars Colonizing the Red Planet is Journal of Cosmology, 2010, Vol 12, which covers all aspects of this endeavour.
2011-1-5 Read the stories of early space exploration from the original NASA transcripts. Apollo 13 and Mercury 6 are the first to have been transcribed.
2011-1-5 Impressive picture of the ISS in solar transit during a partial lunar eclipse was taken yesterday.
2010-12-17 'Pocket airports' would link neighborhoods by air
2010-12-14 Voyager 1 has now reached a distant point at the edge of our solar system where it is no longer detecting the solar wind.
2010-12-11 Ascent - Commemorating Shuttle is a movie of various engineering camera views of a Space Shuttle launch.
2010-12-8 CNN has a story about today's successful launch of SpaceX's Falcon 9 with its Dragon capsule.
2010-12-8 has a story about "An Epic Blast" from the sun that just occurred. Check out the dramatic movie of the event.
2010-12-7 NASA Ejects Nanosatellite From Microsatellite in Space, which will test a sail for deorbiting.
2010-11-29 The Fall and Rise of ‘X’ The X-37B or Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV) lifted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on Apr. 22 and will likely be landing soon.
2010-11-22 How Nasa astronauts use IT on the International Space Station
2010-11-22 Aerial Drone to Hunt Life on Mars discusses the mission of the ARES scout plane.
2010-10-28 NASA’s Solar Shield to mitigate damage to power grid from severe solar storms
2010-10-22 Moon Blast Reveals Lunar Surface Rich With Compounds The Lunar Crater Observer and Sensing Satellite has found the Moon is wetter in places than the Sahara.
2010-10-20 Space Station Partners Release International Docking Standard which you can read here.
2010-10-20 NASA Ames’ Worden reveals DARPA-funded ‘Hundred Year Starship’ program aimed at settling space.
2010-10-11 SpaceShipTwo flies free for first time.
2010-10-8 After nine years of mapping the slight temperature variations in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation, its job is done and NASA has commanded the probe to fire itself into a "graveyard orbit" around the sun.
2010-9-30 Russian Firm Plans Commercial Space Station, it does not mention if they will serve beer.
2010-9-30 Scientists have discovered an Earth-like Planet that can Sustain Life and probably already does.
2010-9-30 Brewers are testing space beer in microgravity.
2010-9-27 The computers that power man's conquest of the stars: From Apollo-age tech to the IT powering the spacecraft of tomorrow.
2010-9-23 Martian meteorite grabs NASA Mars rover's attention
2010-9-21 See-through planes of Airbus on anvil. They must be going to use transparent aluminium.
2010-9-17 Boeing gets $89M to build unmanned aircraft that can stay aloft for 5 years.
2010-9-16 Boeing teams with Space Adventures to offer spaceflight trips, so get your deposit in.
2010-9-8 The all electric Cri-Cri has made its official maiden flight at Le Bourget airport near Paris on Thursday. This is the first-ever four-engined all-electric aerobatic plane.
2010-9-7 NASA preps ultimate Sun mission: Solar Probe will fly directly into Sun’s atmosphere
2010-8-31 Discover Galleries / Space Junk: How to Clean Up the Space Age's Mess.
2010-8-31 Beyond the Black Box: Instead of storing flight data on board, aircraft could easily send the information in real time to the ground.
2010-8-23 The non-profit, Copenhagen suborbitals, is planning a test flight in 6 days on their way to putting a person in orbit.
2010-8-23 SpaceX recently completed its first Dragon high altitude drop test and it was 100% successful! There is a nice video of the test of the parachute system.
2010-8-20 NanoSail-D, managed by the Marshall Center, will be the first NASA solar sail deployed in low Earth orbit.
2010-7-30 Small Solar Power Sail Demonstrator 'IKAROS' Successful Attitude Control by Liquid Crystal Device
2010-7-29 NASA identifies Top Ten space junk missions that have contributed a third of the 19,000 objects that the United States Space Surveillance Network is tracking.
2010-7-19 Record Collapse of Earth's Upper Atmosphere Puzzles Scientists and check out the Infographic: Earth's Atmosphere Top to Bottom for a neat summary of the atmosphere.
2010-7-19 Zephyr solar plane flies 7 days non-stop: "We had five people lift it above their heads, start running and it just lifted away into the sky."
2010-7-19 Second Falcon 9 rocket begins arriving at the Cape. This article gives a fair amount of detail on the previous and upcoming launches.
2010-7-16 Microsoft unveiled the largest and clearest image of the night sky ever assembled and you can view it here, at least on Windows computers.
2010-7-13 If Nemesis, the Sun's Distant, Dark Companion, is not the cause of mass extinctions every 27 Million years, then what is the cause?
2010-7-8 Solar plane completes historic 24-hour flight, an Atlantic crossing is their next goal.
2010-7-7 An experimental solar-powered plane took off from western Switzerland on Wednesday for a 24-hour test flight.
2010-7-6 A canister recovered from the first spacecraft to land on an asteroid and return to Earth, contains dust particles, say Japanese scientists.
2010-7-1 NASA has set the last two Shuttle launch dates. They extend into 2011 due to payload delays. There is an outside chance that one more mission may be added.
2010-6-30 First Direct Photo of Alien Planet Finally Confirmed.
2010-6-28 New Boeing Spaceship Targets Commercial Missions, as the competition to replace the Shuttles heats up.
2010-6-28 FAA grants roadable airplane weight exemption; Federal highway approval still to come, Terrafugia's press release is also available.
2010-6-25 World’s First Solar-Powered Blimp Set to Cross the English Channel.
2010-6-17 NASA-funded scientists estimate from recent research that the volume of water molecules locked inside minerals in the moon’s interior could exceed the amount of water in the Great Lakes here on Earth.
2010-6-17 California-based Aerospace upstart SpaceX announced Wednesday that it signed the “biggest” commercial rocket launch deal in history — worth $492 million. After their successful Falcon 9 flight, SpaceX next flight will test the Dragon Capsule.
2010-6-16 A solar-powered plane is getting ready to hit the skies once again for the first ever manned night flight. One of the founders of the project is Bertrand Piccard, the great-nephew of our former faculty member Jean Piccard.
2010-6-16 Airplanes Punch Holes in Clouds, Make it Rain
2010-6-15 Nasa warns solar flares from 'huge space storm' will cause devastation in 2013.
2010-6-15 NASA Aircraft Videos Hayabusa Re-Entry
2010-6-11 South Korea Rocket Crashes in Second Straight Failure.
2010-6-11 Japanese Spacecraft Successfully Deploys First Solar Sail in Space.
2010-6-10 A group of astronomers are flying to the other side of the world for a front row seat and a rare opportunity to study a spacecraft's targeted fiery descent through Earth's atmosphere.
2010-6-10 FAA adds brainpower to mix unmanned aircraft with commercial aviation.
2010-6-10 Two private firms have demonstrated the ability to restart a rocket engine, a key part of vertical take off and landing: Masten Space Re-Lights Rocket Engine in Flight and Armadillo - 2000ft boosted hop, engine shutdown/restart, safe landing. The videos are impressive, check out the multi camera view of the Armadillo flight.
2010-6-2 SpaceX is now targeting Friday, June 4th for its first test launch attempt of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle.
2010-6-1 Scientists Rescue Voyager 2 Probe on Edge of Solar System: a single bit flip in memory had to be corrected.
2010-5-27 USAF Vehicle Breaks Record for Hypersonic Flight. Prof. Candler is involved with this project.
2010-5-25 World's Largest Airship Inflated to Create Monster 'Stratellite'
2010-5-25 Explore the Moon at MoonZoo. You can help scientists catalog the images of the Moon taken by Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.
2010-5-13 Call in the military to blast rogue satellite?
2010-5-6 'Wet' Asteroid Could Be a Space Gas Station.
2010-5-4 NASA Mars Rover Opportunity facing challenges, marching closer to Endeavour Crater.
2010-4-26 Hubble Celebrates 20 Years of Astonishing Discoveries.
2010-4-26 A change to extend the life time of a cosmic ray experiment for the ISS will delay the last Shuttle launch.
2010-4-22 A Japanese space craft is returning to Earth with a piece of an asteroid. This is the first material returned from a astronomical body since the Moon rocks 40 years ago.
2010-4-22 NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory is the most advanced spacecraft ever designed to study the sun and it just achieved first light. Check out the Solar Prominence Movie (40MB) and other spectacular pictures.
2010-4-21 NY Times has an article on the Cassini mission to Saturn. JPL has figured out how to extend the 6 year mission another 7 years with only 22 percent of the fuel remaining. See this graphic from the article above for the details of the orbital mechanics they will use to still do science while saving fuel.
2010-4-15 NASA has released a Hidden Universe theme for Windows 7. It uses images from Spitzer Infrared Telescope.
2010-4-14 Armstong: Obama hurting space effort and Aldrin: Obama's JFK Moment are responses to the plan discussed in our previous news item.
2010-4-9 Statement by Charlie Bolden NASA Administrator (PDF) on the NASA plans for its increased budget over the next five years that focus on integrated and sustainable space exploration.
2010-4-7 The manual pages that saved Apollo 13 will be auctioned off.
2010-4-7 Crippled Mars Rover Fails to Phone Home, but there is still hope the stuck rover will power back up in the spring.
2010-4-6 Discovery is in orbit and there are three more scheduled shuttle launches, then what?
2010-3-30 UK researchers have developed a device to drag space junk out of orbit using a space sail.
2010-3-22 First flight for SpaceShipTwo but it stayed attached to its mothership the whole time.
2010-3-15 Falcon 9 rocket engines briefly ignite on launch pad, the Falcon 9 is SpaceX's heavy lift platform that is designed for reliability. For example the kerosene is first used at high pressure for the thrust vectoring hydraulics before being burned.
2010-3-11 The Martin jetpack promises to be the "The World’s First Practical Jetpack" if you don't mind strapping a small car engine to your back.
2010-3-2 NASA Radar Finds Ice Deposits at Moon's North Pole. "The new discoveries show the moon is an even more interesting and attractive scientific, exploration and operational destination than people had previously thought." said Paul Spudis, principal investigator.
2010-3-2 The most detailed pictures of Earth revealed by NASA, which are from NASA's Blue Marble project. Movies on the second link show the snow cover on the globe changing with the seasons.
2010-2-24 Space Junk Mess Getting Messier in Orbit and more collisions mean more debris, which lead to even more collisions, something called the Kessler Syndrome, after the man who predicted this problem in 1978.
2010-2-23 SpaceX prepares to let Falcon fly from Cape as early as April if all static tests go well.
2010-2-19 MIT's flyfire paints images in the sky using micro helicopters. Unmanned aerial vehicles get advertising jobs.
2010-2-4 An electric propulsion technology for miniature satellites aims to give them more mobility — and may eventually allow them to take on deep-space missions.
2010-2-2 More on the proposed changes to NASA's budget: ISS will be kept going as a laboratory and heavy lift development accelerated.
2010-2-1 Wired has a story on virtual mars fly overs created from radar data that you can view.
2010-2-1 NASA is releasing free e-books. The first is a history of the X-15.
2010-1-30 A new jet fighter seen as Russia's response to U.S. advances in military aviation made a successful first test flight Friday.
2010-1-30 Obama Plan Privatizes Astronaut Launchings.
2010-1-30 NASA's Mars Rover Spirit Starts a New Chapter as a stationary instrument platform.
2010-1-20 It appears that Newton did see an apple fall, which motivated his gravitational theory. You can read an original account of the story for yourself.
2010-1-20 Jules Verne was almost right about using projectiles to reach space as Quicklaunch Inc has worked out a method using a cannon submerged in the ocean.
2010-1-4 End of the road for NASA's Mars rover? Spirit is still stuck, but has made it six years on a planned 3 month mission.
2009-12-9 Virgin Galactic unveils SpaceShipTwo. Have you got your reservation in?
2009-11-30 Researchers are using aluminum and frozen water to make a propellant that could allow rockets to refuel on the moon or even Mars.
2009-11-25 Monster Waves on the Sun are Real, they were detected by the STEREO pair of space-based observatories.
2009-11-24 The Solar Impulse Plane has made its first runway debut. The project is led by Bertrand Piccard the great nephew of former AEM faculty member Jean F. Piccard.
2009-11-19 Spaceworms jet off on Space Shuttle Atlantis.
2009-11-16 Europe's version of GPS is finally starting to take shape with the launch of four in-orbit validation satellites.
2009-11-14 NASA to Begin Attempts to Free Sand-Trapped Mars Rover
2009-11-5 A robot powered by a ground-based laser beam climbed a long cable dangling from a helicopter on Wednesday to qualify for a $2 million space elevator prize.
2009-11-4 CNet has an interview with The Space Station's IT guys. There are 100 laptops up there!
2009-11-4 NASA said it will this week award $1.65 million in prize money to a pair of aerospace companies that successfully simulated landing a spacecraft on the moon and lifting off again.
2009-10-19 A new NASA Ion rocket engine, designed partly in Canada, raises the revolutionary possibility that a manned trip to Mars could take less than three months instead of two years.
2009-10-19 Giant Ribbon Discovered at the Edge of the Solar System. NASA's IBEX (Interstellar Boundary Explorer) spacecraft has made the first all-sky maps of the heliosphere and the results have taken researchers by surprise. The maps are bisected by a bright, winding ribbon of unknown origin.
2009-9-28 Serge Brunier and Frédéric Tapissier traveled to the top of a volcano in the Canary Islands and to the Chilean desert to capture 1,200 images of the night sky. They have created a single zoomable, 800-megapixel, 360-degree image of the sky from these photos.
2009-9-14 Mojave, California-based Interorbital Systems announced Saturday that it is developing a two-person orbital crew module to loft in late 2011 aboard the company’s modular NEPTUNE 1000 rocket.
2009-9-14 Armadillo Aerospace have officially completed the 2009 Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge Level 2, on a rainy day at Caddo Mills, Texas.
2009-9-9 NASA's future manned spaceflight forecast: Bleak. The Review of US Human Space Flight Plans Committee summary report has been given to the White House.
2009-9-8 NASA and the Italian Space Agency (ASI) are preparing to sign an agreement to add another laboratory to the ISS.
2009-8-17 NASA tests prove the feasibility of using nuclear reactors to provide electricity on the moon and Mars.
2009-7-23 Pictures of the longest solar eclipse of the century, which occurred yesterday, are on-line.
2009-7-20 It's also been 40 years of the Lunar Lander computer game, and check out the Virtual Apollo Guidance Computer emulator of the Apollo Guidance Computer if you would like see what the real thing was like.
2009-7-16 Welcome to Lunarville, what if the Apollo program had continued? On the 40th anniversary of the first Lunar Landing, this article poses an interesting what-if.
2009-7-13 NASA plans to de-orbit the ISS in 2016, unless new funding becomes available.
2009-7-10 NASA successfully tested the new crew escape system for the Orion Spacecraft. Be sure to check out the video.
2009-7-8 Prolonged Sunspot Drought Ends as New Spots Appear. You can view a movie of the sun which shows the spots. Select the first image type and 1024 for the resolution.
2009-7-2 The final rocket burn that put the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter into its commissioning orbit around the moon was completed Saturday, June 27. It will take pictures that will show the six previous Apollo landing sites.
2009-7-2 A project that is part of the DARPA Nano Air Vehicle Development Program has released a video of their flapping NAV hovering. This is just one of the 50 ways to learn to hover.
2009-6-29 Window damage on Atlantis threatens six month delay to STS-129.
2009-6-18 Satellite glitch rekindles GPS concerns that problems with replacement satellites may lead to GPS coverage problems in the future.
2009-6-17 Can commercial space technology get off the ground? NetworkWorld discusses a GAO report on the status of commercial replacements for the Shuttle.
2009-6-16 Europe's new billion-euro Herschel space observatory, launched in May, has achieved a critical milestone.
2009-6-3 Space 2.X: The Private Rocket Race Takes Off. Wired looks at the Space X rocket factory.
2009-6-2 The U of M Solar Vehicle is currently Racing in Texas. They are also on Twitter.
2009-6-2 F Minus
2009-5-12 Mars Rover Spirit is stuck in soft soil. One of Spirit's six wheels has not worked for the last 3 years, which will make getting out even harder.
2009-5-11 The shuttle Atlantis is scheduled to launch today for the last servicing mission to the Hubble Telescope. NASA main Shuttle page has the countdown
2009-4-29 Russia's next-generation manned space vehicle might be equipped with thrusters to perform a precision landing on its return to Earth.
2009-4-22 Cosmic close-up: Sensational images of Saturn show the ringed planet in incredible detail.
2009-4-15 NASA has named the treadmill in the new ISS module COLBERT.
2009-4-13 NASA TO ANNOUNCE NEW SPACE STATION MODULE NAME APRIL 14th on Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report." The program will air at 11:30 p.m. EDT. Will they name it "Colbert," which won the on-line contest?
2009-4-13 Pictures from the mid-1960s Lunar Orbiter program are being recovered from tapes that NASA wanted to discard. Some have never been viewed before at full resolution.
2009-4-3 Warp drives may not be possible after all. New research shows a space-time bubble moving faster than light would be unstable.
2009-3-31 U.S. unveils Orion spacecraft to take crew to Mars. A mock-up has been constructed that will be used for testing splash downs.
2009-3-24 NASA has tested the super chute for the Ares boosters. NASA web pages also have information on this test.
2009-3-10 China Readies Military Space Station for 2010 Launch. This article has a lot of information about the Chinese space program.
2009-3-9 Copenhagen Suborbitals, an amateur group, successfully fired their rocket engine. Their goal is to launch a human into space.
2009-2-24 NASA's launch this morning of the Orbiting Carbon Observatory failed.
2009-2-19 The recent collision between satellites may make the Shuttle mission to repair the Hubble telescope too risky.
2009-2-19 NASA has selected Europa as the target of the next mission to search for life. Arthur C. Clarke would have been happy about this.
2009-2-19 The Mars rover Spirit has again had its solar panels cleaned by Martian winds.
2009-2-17 The Jetlev Flyer is a water powered "jet pack". Carrying enough reaction mass is always a major problem with rockets and a standard solution is to collect it along the way, as this does with a hose into a lake.
2009-2-11 Two large communications satellites collided over Siberia in what is the first major collision in orbit. It remains to be seen what trouble the debris cloud causes or if it affects the ISS.
2009-2-11 An ongoing debate on whether to send a robotic mission to Saturn's moon Titan or Jupiter's Europa may be settled later this week. This mission will be searching for signs of life.
2009-2-11 The Boeing 747 is 40 years old. It was so advanced and well suited for the airline industry that it has only been very recently that the A380 surpassed it.
2009-2-3 Toronto college students have succeeded in calling the ISS with a home built radio. You do need permission, which they did have.
2009-1-16 Methane has been found on Mars. This means Mars is not a dead planet.
2009-1-12 The Terrafugia Transition flying car is getting close to its first test flight.
2009-1-9 Step inside the cockpit of the future in this A380 Cockpit all around visualization. Airbus also has a page on the A380 Flight Deck.
2008-12-5 The next Mars mission has been postponed to 2011. NASA's Mars Science Laboratory is to include a next generation rover.
2008-11-24 Space Weather is reporting that the tool bag lost by astronaut Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper is visible from Earth. This site also says to expect some auroras over the next couple of days.
2008-11-14 India has become the fourth nation to send a probe to the lunar surface. India is part of the second space race to the Moon.
2008-11-5 British scientists invent "mini-magnetosphere" to protect astronauts during solar storms. An often overlooked problem in space travel beyond LEO is solar radiation, without shielding astronauts will be cooked.
2008-10-28 Plasma rocket engine VASIMR VX-200 first stage achieves full power rating. This is one type of ion propulsion that reduces the reaction mass needed by having very high exhaust velocities.
2008-10-27 Hubble Telescope Service Mission 4 page indicates that one of the telescopes cameras is now back in action. Problems with the telescope have caused NASA to delay this final service call.
2008-10-25 NASA is now testing their new lunar rover in Arizona. This one is pressurized and has two gears.
2008-10-22 India has successfully launched their Chandrayaan-I probe to the Moon. India becomes the sixth nation to send a probe to the Moon.
2008-9-23 The Mars rover Opportunity is being sent on a two year journey to an interesting crater that is larger than any it has studied so far.
2008-9-22 The Japanese are planning to build a space elevator out of carbon nano-tubes. They estimate their space elevator as costing about $10 billion and using one percent of the energy used by the Space Shuttle reaching orbit.
2008-9-16 NASA has announced the next mission to Mars will be the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN (MAVEN) spacecraft to study its atmosphere.
2008-9-8 The BBC is reporting that China's third manned spaceflight at the end of the month will include a live televised space-walk, which would be a first for the Chinese space program. Their other two launches occurred in 2003 and 2005.
2008-9-2 ISS Changes Orbit To Avoid Russian Debris: for the first time in 5 years the ISS had to maneuver to avoid the remains of a destroyed satellite.
2008-8-28 NASA's Mars Rover Opportunity is Climbing out of Victoria Crater, after spending almost a year inside. Spirit is still working as well and has recently taken this 180 degree panorama
2008-8-25 QinetiQ's Zephyr breaks flight time record for unmanned aircraft, beating the Global Hawk's old record.
2008-8-24 NASA's Shuttle Successor Fails Parachute Test. A mock-up of the Orion crew exploration vehicle was destroyed when the parachutes used to setup the test did not work.
2008-7-25 The NASA Images web site is up and contains 21 different collections including Apollo and Hubble imagery.
2008-5-14 The Transition by Terrafugia is a new flying car design but many are not convinced so the CEO responds to doubters in a separate article.
2008-5-14 The NASA Phoenix Mission to Mars is ready for landing on May 25.
2008-5-7 The Earth may have had multiple moons at one point after the collision that created the Moon.
2008-4-25 Universe Today has more details on the near tragic reentry of the Soyus last week.
2008-4-21 The Earth's magnetosphere provides needed protection from the Sun's radiation, but its tail may cause additional problems for astronauts on the Moon.
2008-4-15 If jet planes are not fast enough for you, check out the Rocket Racing league, that plans races in rocket powered aircraft.
2008-3-6 Have the right stuff? How about for a one-way trip to Mars? It makes the trip much more feasible.
2008-3-4 has a story on how NASA will use existing Mars probes to watch Phoenix landing on Mars.
2008-2-20 The Pentagon has said it will shoot down an aging spy satellite. Click here to watch a KARE11 spot featuring AEM Prof. Bill Garrard. USA Today also wrote an article on the subject (with a quote from Prof. Graham Candler). Another article quoting Professor Garrard is available here.
2008-2-18 As described by NASA, a total lunar eclipse will be visible from North America on Wednesday and the forecast is for clear skies in Minnesota. A couple of local animations of this event are available.
2008-2-6 The Reaction Engines company makers of the Scimitar engine for single stage to orbit applications has announced the A2 Vehicle, which is planned to carry 300 passengers at Mach 5.
2008-1-24 NOAA is planning to use UAV's for weather reconnaissance. There will be three test projects this summer to measure the effectiveness of UAV's in this role.
2008-1-9 The next Hubble upgrade will make it able to observe 900 galaxies instead of the current 10 at a time. The shuttle mission to repair the telescope is scheduled for August 2008 but current problems with the fuel tank sensors may cause this to be delayed.
2008-1-9 On January 14 the Messenger spacecraft will fly by Mercury in NASA's first contact with the planet since the Mariner 10 mission 30 years ago. This fly by is an initial step in Messenger entering an orbit around Mercury.
2007-12-20 NASA has selected the contractor for Ares I Rocket avionics, and will be electing an open source route for the design. Ares development is headed up by AEM alumnus Steve Cook.
2007-11-29 The Venus Express spacecraft has returned some interesting images and discoveries about Venus including evidence of lightning.
2007-11-29 The BBC has an article on NASA's vision of a manned mission to Mars. This would involve assembly of the vehicle in orbit using multiple launches of the Ares heavy lift vehicle.
2007-11-21 The search for Betty continues. Children in Dayton, Virginia found a balloon supposedly launched from Missouri, though the launching lady, Betty, can't seem to be found. The U of MN was considered as a possible launch point due to Nov. 3's HALO launch.
2007-10-11 Japan's lunar probe has taken its first pictures of the moon, this is part of a new space race to the moon, which may involve China beating the United States back to the moon.
2007-10-10 The New Horizons probe has taken some interesting pictures of Jupiter on its way to Pluto.
2007-10-1 October 4 will mark the 50th anniversary of the launch of Prosteishiy Sputnik -- the Simplest Satellite.
2007-9-26 A Russian space tether experiment has failed. This was an attempt to return a package to earth from orbit using a form of tether propulsion.
2007-9-19 NASA has posted a hiring notice for 10-15 new astronauts. Do you have the right stuff? Now you can find out.
2007-9-18 The GPS control computers have been replaced. Modern Unix based machines replaced the 1970's era mainframe that was running the system. If this seems slow, think about how much testing must be involved to certify such a critical system.
2007-9-17 German researchers have demonstrated a personal 135 mph aircraft that involves a strap on pair of wings. It's designed for special forces and uses a parachute based landing system.
2007-9-12 The Opportunity Mars rover has entered Victoria crater for the first time. A previous news release discussed the reasons for the interest in this crater.
2007-9-10 A solar powered uncrewed aircraft has flown for 54 hours and is the first such aircraft to make it through two nights. It beat out the Global Hawk that has only flown through one night. This is an advance toward perpetual flight.
2007-9-7 Purdue and Lockheed Martin engineers have developed a method to lengthen the life of communications satellites. The technique involves making sure that fuel in the control thruster tanks is all used up at the same time. You can learn about satellite control in our new course AEM 4302 -- Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control.
2007-9-5 has a first look at the New Mexico spaceport called Spaceport America that will be home to Virgin Galactic.
2007-9-4 The Mars rovers are on the move again after surviving the last six weeks of dust storms by hibernating.
2007-8-31 BBC has a story about a personal VSTOL vehicle built by Moller International, who hopes to start selling the personal "flying saucers" soon.
2007-8-22 A crash has destroyed one of the rockets built by Armadillo Aerospace to compete in NASA's lunar lander competition.
2007-8-22 A simulation of a Mars mission lasting 101 days has just ended. This was a human factors experiment in the Canadian arctic.
2007-8-15 Very good images of Endeavour's damaged tiles are now available, there is also a movie of the damage on the NASA site. It has been determined that this damage does not need fixing in orbit.
2007-7-20 Universe Today has an article about the difficulty of landing large payloads on Mars with its much less than Earth atmosphere and larger gravity than the Moon.
2007-7-16 MIT scientists have designed a space suit that uses mechanical pressure instead of air pressure to maintain the wearer's internal pressure.
2007-7-13 The world's largest telescope is operational in the Canary Islands with a 34.1 foot mirror.
2007-7-9 is reporting that a major dust storm on Mars my drain the batteries on the rovers and put them permanently out of action.
2007-6-26 Is a space elevator possible? The company LiftPort Group thinks so, but many people are not so sure, here is their response to recent criticisms.
2007-6-12 The New York Times is reporting that famed aerospace engineer and AEM alumnus Homer J. Stewart has died.
2007-6-11 The New Horizons space probe has captured a giant plume from Io's Tvashtar volcano that extends 200 miles above the surface.
2007-6-1 The next Shuttle mission, STS-117, launch window will begin June 8. This is another mission to add solar arrays to the ISS.
2007-5-29 The solar system is special, just like all the other planetary systems, says a UC Berkeley group announcing 28 more extrasolar planets have been found. There are now more than 230 exoplanets known to exist.
2007-5-11 The BBC has an article on the Webb space telescope, which will replace the Hubble telescope in 2013. The Hubble will be serviced so it remains operational until then.
2007-4-26 The odd hexagonal shape on Saturn that was previously mentioned here may be due to geometrical whirlpools, which can be observed in spinning buckets of water.
2007-4-10 Sunspot activity is at a 1000 year peak according to scientists based at the Institute for Astronomy in Zurich. Sunspots have a large influence on space weather and are linked to global temperature changes.
2007-4-10 A combined hovercraft and helicopter has been developed that employs the Coanda effect.
2007-3-30 US astronaut Sunita Williams is going to run the Boston Marathon in space using a treadmill on the ISS.
2007-3-28 A piece of Russian satellite reentering the atmosphere narrowly missed a jetliner.
2007-3-27 The Cassini spacecraft has imaged a odd hexagonal shape on Saturn. It's a rotating vortex but it is not known why it is hexagonal.
2007-3-17 Department Head Gary Balas is among three IT professors (and twelve professors University-wide) selected as Distinguished McKnight Professors.
2007-3-12 NASA is developing new sensors for detecting life on Mars.
2007-3-12 The Orbital Express satellite was launched last week. It is designed to test robotic repair of satellites in orbit.
2007-2-27 CNN is reporting that a hailstorm may have damaged Atlantis's fuel tank as it sat on the pad and NASA is currently evaluating if it will need to be repaired.
2007-2-25 CNN TV is reporting that the navigational software glitch that forced the F-22 Raptors to return to Hawaii was a complete crash of their navigational systems when they crossed the international date line. On the ground we may have similar problems on March 11 due to the time zone changes in the US.
2007-2-24 A new rocket engine with five "gears" has been designed by reseachers at Georgia Tech. It has the potential to save 40% on fuel.
2007-2-14 MIT has an offer to put your Valentine's name in space for a donation to their Mars Gravity BioSatellite program.
2007-2-9 What is the "Right Stuff" for astronauts on a long mission? Turns out that "high toleration for lack of achievement," might be one of the needed qualities for astronauts on 30 month Mars missions.
2007-2-7 Gulfstream Aerospace used one of their planes to make a flight track in the shape of GV over the Midwest for the Gulfstream V aircraft used.
2007-2-6 The NY Times has an article on the problem of space junk. The recent destruction of an old satellite by China appears to have added 1000 pieces 4 inches or larger to the current list of 10,000 such objects in LEO.
2007-2-6 CNN is reporting that U.S. astronaut Sunita Williams has now spent more time on spacewalks than any other woman.
2007-1-30 The ISS astronauts are keeping personal diaries for scientific research. They write down all the details of their stay on the ISS and an anthropologist is analyzing them in an effort to make future expeditions more successful.
2007-1-30 is reporting that The Hubble Telescope's main camera shut down over the weekend.
2007-1-11 The preliminary finding is that the MGS spacecraft was lost due to a programming error. A panel will be formed to determine what went wrong.
2007-1-9 Is ET watching TV too? A new SETI program is designed to search for leakage of signals similar to our TV from extraterrestrial civilizations.
2007-1-9 NASA is going to go metric on its return to the Moon.
2007-1-4 Blue Origin has made a successful test flight with a vertical take off and landing and images and video are available. They also announce that they are hiring.
2006-12-29 Bad Astronomy has their picks for the Top Ten Astronomy Images of 2006.
2006-12-14 A large Solar Storm has caused the Shuttle and ISS astronauts to take cover.
2006-12-13 The Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal reported on UAV- and JPALS-related research being conducted within the department.
2006-12-5 NASA has disclosed its strategy for returning to the Moon starting in 2020 and heading toward a permanent presence.
2006-11-30 CNN is reporting that the shuttle Discovery will be launched at night for the next construction mission to the ISS.
2006-11-22 The Mars Global Surveyor space is probably lost forever according to a report in the NewScientist. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter failed to spot the MGS.
2006-11-16 The Minnesota Daily profiled new GPS research being conducted by AEM's own Demoz Gebre-Egziabher, a University McKnight Land-Grant Professor.
2006-11-16 has an article on the options NASA is considering for the next round of Moon exploration.
2006-11-10 The Cassini spacecraft has found a giant storm on Saturn. This hurricane is 2/3 the diameter of Earth, where we just ended the Atlantic hurricane season with no storms hitting the continental US.
2006-11-9 NASA has lost contact with the spacecraft Mars Global Surveyor, just after its 10 year anniversary.
2006-11-6 To combat global warming it is time to sit in the shade, according to this article about a plan to put trillions of tiny shades into the L-1 point to block about 2% of the sunlight reaching earth.
2006-11-6 CNN has an article about the Silent Aircraft Initiative, which is conducting preliminary research in the hope of having silent commercial aircraft by 2030.
2006-10-31 Astronomers got a treat yesterday when NASA decided to add a shuttle mission to repair the Hubble and extend its life for another 4 years or so.
2006-10-26 The NASA Stereo mission was launched last night. The pair of satellites are designed to give us 3D views of the sun and solar storms.
2006-10-3 A Minnesota company, VeraTech, has developed an "invisible" UAV called the Phantom Sentinel.
2006-10-2 A computer analysis has shown that Armstrong did indeed say "That's one small step for *a* man, one giant leap for mankind." Now if they could just find the missing high quality video from Apollo 11.
2006-9-26 The Opportunity Mars Rover has reached Victoria crater, which is half a mile wide and about 230 ft deep. See an animation of the crater here. The rovers have now operated for over 10 times their planned lives.
2006-9-26 UP Aerospace's first launch of a rocket has failed at 40000 ft. It was planned to reach 70 miles.
2006-9-22 The Mars Express spacecraft has captured some new pictures of the "face" on Mars with the best resolution ever.
2006-9-21 The Navy is retiring the F-14 Tomcat after 36 years of service, it is being replaced by the F/A-18 Hornet.
2006-9-20 Three engineering students at Cambridge University are working toward spaceflight on the cheap. Using a balloon assist they hope to get a rocket to 100 km for under $2000.
2006-9-14 CNN has an article about the successful deployment of the new solar arrays for the ISS.
2006-9-14 The largest of the dwarf planets, which include Pluto, has been named Eris with moon Dysnomia, according to an official IAU announcement.
2006-9-12 STS-115: Atlantis is in orbit and the astronauts including St. Paul native Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper are hard at work expanding the ISS.
2006-8-31 The ESA Smart-I spacecraft will crash into the Moon on Sept. 2 ending a successful mission. The impact may be visible using an amateur telescope.
2006-8-24 Pluto is no longer a planet and it's not even the largest of the "dwarf planets." A scale image (1.3MB JPG) of the solar system from the IAU shows why this makes sense.
2006-8-22 NASA has announced it named the new crew exploration vehicle Orion after it was inadvertently leaked by one of the ISS astronauts.
2006-7-27 The first rocket launch of the CubeSat project failed. It was carrying 14 student built satellites.
2006-7-27 CNN has an article about the new Very Light Jets getting provisional certification by the FAA.
2006-7-17 A inflatable space station has been launched by Bigelow Aerospace.
2006-6-30 A new cable will allow NASA to land the shuttle by remote control with no one on board if it is decided it is too risky for the astronauts, who would remain on the ISS.
2006-6-26 NASA is sponsoring a competition to develop space vehicles that NASA itself won't.
2006-6-21 NASA safety chief says shuttle launch is "a done deal" even though the foam problems have not been solved.
2006-6-19 The Toronto Star has an article about the need to be able to mine the Moon if we are to establish a long term presence there.
2006-5-30 A NASA project has found a way to extract oxygen from lunar soil using focused sunlight to break down the silicon-dioxide that is a main component of the lunar soil.
2006-5-8 NASA and the X Prize Foundation have announced a new competition for a lunar lander type mission.
2006-4-28 The Hubble space telescope was launched just over 16 years ago. Some images have been released to commemorate this achievement.
2006-4-12 CNN has a story on the 25th anniversary of the first shuttle flight. Only the shuttle solid rockets are being used in the design of the new Crew Exploration Vehicle, which looks like a return to Apollo program.
2006-4-12 The Hubble Space Telescope has imaged the possible tenth planet and found it is almost the same size as Pluto. Thus the debate about what defines a planet continues.
2006-4-11 The Venus Express probe has successfully entered orbit, as reported by the BBC. This is the first mission to Venus in a decade.
2006-4-11 The Spirit rover on Mars has reached safety, this means it will get enough sunlight to survive the winter. A sandy area had to be avoided to get parked correctly.
2006-4-10 NASA has launched NASA Kids Club a new interactive Flash based site for kids K-4 with games and activities.
2006-4-3 Neutrinos appear to have mass. That is the preliminary finding from the MINOS experiment in the Soudan Mine in Minnesota, as reported by the BBC and on UMN News. Neutrinos may be part of the missing mass of the Universe.
2006-3-29 NOVA has the Great Robot Race series viewable on-line. This is the story of the DARPA sponsored autonomous vehicle race. Many NOVA programs are available for on-line viewing.
2006-3-24 A test of the hypersonic scramjet called Hyshot III is planned for Saturday in Australia. Scramjet engine development is one goal of the National Hypersonics Research Center in our Department which is run by Prof. Candler.
2006-3-23 SpaceX has successfully done a static testing firing of their rocket. They now plan their first flight for Friday.
2006-3-20 One of the wheels on the Mars rover Spirit stopped working over the weekend. With 5 working wheels NASA hopes to still be able to keep it moving.
2006-3-9 The Cassini space craft appears to have found water on Saturn's moon Enceladus, even more interesting they are claiming to have found liquid water.
2006-2-28 A Russian cosmonaut on the ISS is going to make the longest golf drive ever at about 2.1 billion miles this July. This appears to beat Alan Shepard's drive on the moon during the Apollo 14 mission.
2006-2-27 Google is digitizing the National Archives videos which include the video Eagle Has Landed about the Apollo 11 mission.
2006-2-23 Popular Science has an article about a cruise ship sized aircraft concept that combines blimp and lifting body technologies.
2006-2-22 NASA plans to retire the space shuttle Atlantis in 2008 instead of performing an overhaul of the 1985 orbiter.
2006-2-8 Steve Fossett is currently attempting to set a distance record is his Global Flyer aircraft.
2006-2-7 The Wall Street Journal is reporting on Lockheed Martin Drones that they have under development. Our design class has worked on unmanned aerial vehicle designs with Lockheed Martin in the past.
2006-2-2 CNN has a couple of interesting astronomy stories: what seemed like asteroids near Jupiter are really comets and the possible tenth planet may be larger than Pluto.
2006-1-27 Saturday is the 20th Anniversary of the Challenger disaster and NASA is also remembering those lost in the Apollo 1 and Columbia tragedies. MSN has an article discussing 7 myths about the Challenger failure.
2006-1-27 NASA will be tossing an empty space suit out of the ISS on February 3. The SuitSat will be transmitting its status and the article has a link to a program for you to figure out when it passes overhead at your location.
2006-1-20 The New Horizons probe blasted off yesterday on its voyage to Pluto. After a gravity assist by Jupiter in 2007 it will arrive at Pluto in 2015.
2006-1-15 CNN is reporting that the Stardust probe has returned successfully and the Pluto Probe is being readied for launch.
2006-1-13 CNN is reporting on the return of the Stardust probe. After 7 years the probe should return on Sunday with what is hoped to be original matter from the creation of the solar system.
2006-1-10 The University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project is now being managed by the AEM Department with Jeff Hammer taking over as project adviser.
2006-1-7 Science Blog has a story about a quiet Mach 6 wind tunnel at Purdue. They have hired a UG to climb inside the 18" diameter tunnel and clean the inside to ensure quiet laminar flow.
2006-1-4 The Repository in Canton Ohio is running a story about a start-up company Dynalifter that is working on a new blimp design, they hope will have numerous applications.
2006-1-3 A NASA team, on their first try, has observed a meteor strike on the moon. This research is of renewed interest with the current plans to return to the moon by 2020.
2005-12-19 Ham radio operators have successfully listened to the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter using a homemade dish and electronics. Receiving a signal from 45 million miles away is not something you regularly do.
2005-12-16 CNN has a story that NASA plans to remove foam from the external tank to prevent it falling off. This may further delay the next launch of the shuttle.
2005-12-5 Dick Rutan has set another record, this time for landing a rocket powered ship.
2005-11-28 CNN is reporting that a Japanese probe has successfully landed on an asteroid. A sample of the asteroid is planned to be returned to Earth in 2007 by the probe which uses ion engines.
2005-11-8 The Discovery Channel is reporting that NASA plans to cut all research on the ISS until the space station is completed.
2005-11-3 NASA has released a desktop application that allows you to view the Moon in 3D with 20 meter resolution. Check it out here.
2005-11-1 CNN is reporting that two more moons of Pluto may have been discovered. This does not settle the planetary status of Pluto as other minor objects also have been found to have moons.
2005-10-28 CNN has a story about the close approach of Mars to Earth this Saturday. This will be the closest Mars will be to Earth until 2018.
2005-10-19 ITAR-TASS is reporting that a burn of the Progress spacecraft's engines to raise the orbit of the International Space Station was cut short after an unexpected shutdown. The ISS orbit needs to be raised regularly due to drag.
2005-10-12 NASA has funded a second round of study for a novel method for imaging planets around stars, which involves a giant star shield in space and a trailing craft to collect the light from the planets.
2005-10-12 The Chinese have launched their seconded manned spacecraft, as reported by CNN. This launch carried two astronauts for what may be five days in orbit.
2005-10-11 If you only have a small aviation budget you might be interested in a fly powered aircraft. They claim it's a perfect gift, that is, if you don't mind implying the person attracts flies.
2005-10-10 Japan has successfully tested a model of their planned supersonic jet. It is envisioned to have three times the seating capacity of the Concorde and fly at Mach 2.
2005-10-2 An article on reports that the recently found object beyond Pluto, a possible 10th planet, has a moon. This raises the question: Can something that is not a planet have moon?
2005-9-28 NASA's administrator says in a USA Today interview that the shuttle and international space station were mistakes.
2005-9-27 An asteroid has been selected for the asteroid-deflecting mission Don Quijote. A near earth object did in the dinosaurs, this is the first step in trying to avoid this end for humans.
2005-9-26 If you don't have the right stuff to sit on top of a bomb to get into space, then you might be interested in this work on a space elevator.
2005-9-21 Mars Global Surveyor has found evidence of changes on the Martian surface. Its original mission end was to be in 2001, but MGS may last for another 10 years.
2005-9-16 The Cassini probe has spotted spokes in Saturn's rings. Spokes were first spotted by Voyager and they are a feature of the complicated dynamics that govern the rings.
2005-9-8 Here is a discussion of some of the first results from NASA's Deep Impact mission.
2005-8-29 Mars rover Spirit has reached a hilltop as it and Opportunity continue to roll across the Martian surface. They have found dust devils to be very common as this cool movie shows.
2005-8-3 Here's a story on NASA's plans for replacing the shuttle which includes a comparison of various options.
2005-8-3 Cosmic radiation may be the limiting factor in human space travel to Mars unlike low earth orbit which is still protected by the Van Allen radiation belts.
2005-7-29 The BBC has coverage of the discovery of what may be a tenth planet, or the ninth depending on what you think about Pluto's status as a planet.
2005-7-29 Mars Express has found ice in a crater near Mars' north pole.
2005-7-27 The U's Solar Vehicle finished second in the North American Solar Challenge behind the well funded Michigan team.
2005-7-27 The shuttle fleet is again grounded due to foam insulation coming off the external fuel tank during the launch of Discovery yesterday.
2005-7-21 The U's Solar Vehicle is currently leading the North American Solar Challenge after they crossed into Minnesota last night.
2005-7-21 The space shuttle Discovery is scheduled to launch Tuesday even though they have not found the source of the sensor problem.
2005-7-20 You can now use Google Moon to find your way around on the moon. It also includes the Apollo landing sites. Here's a link to a more earth bound location.
2005-7-18 Dust devils on Mars may be more of a problem than previously thought and might include electrostatic discharges (lightning).
2005-7-12 The U's Solar Vehicle will begin racing in the North American Solar Challenge on Sunday. The course is 2500 miles from Austin, Texas to Calgary, Alberta. Minnesota's entry was 2nd in 2003.
2005-7-12 The shuttle's return to flight is now scheduled for 2:51 PM CDT tomorrow.
2005-7-5 Check out the movies of Deep Impact striking the comet Temple 1 from the fly-by view or the impactors point of view.
2005-7-3 NASA's Deep Impact spacecraft has successfully released its impactor, which should impact comet Temple 1 on July 4 at 12:52 a.m. CDT. UPDATE: The intercept was successful.
2005-6-30 Aerovironment has successfully flown their liquid hydrogen powered UAV, which they hope will be able to stay aloft for a week at 65000 feet.
2005-6-28 Carter Aviation Technologies helicopter the CarterCopter has achieved µ=1, which means that the forward speed of the helicopter was equal to the tip speed of the rotors. The usual requirement that the forward speed be less than the tip speed is a major limitation of high speed helicopters.
2005-6-22 The Planetary Society is set to launch their Solar Sail today from a Russian submarine. UPDATE: The booster rocket failed on launch and the craft has not been found.
2005-6-4 Opportunity, the Mars rover that was stuck, has broken free. Also check out the Rover Status Page which features our graduate Emily Eelkema, who is one of the Rover Mission Managers.
2005-5-30 Space Ship One's White Knight is being used to carry the X-37 aloft. The X-37 is an unmanned re-entry test vehicle.
2005-5-25 Voyager 1 has left the solar system by crossing into the termination shock of the solar wind.
2005-5-12 The Cassini spacecraft has found a new moon in between the rings of Saturn that trails a wake in the neighboring rings.
2005-5-11 Transformational Space Corp. (t/Space) has a plan to develop a vehicle to get astronauts to low earth orbit for NASA. Its structure would be built by Burt Rutan's Scaled Composites.
2005-5-6 Mars Polar Lander that disappeared during landing 5.5 years ago may have been found using images from the Mars Global Surveyor.
2005-4-27 Whirlwinds on Mars have been captured on video, see here and here. These are apparently what has been cleaning the rovers' solar panels.
2005-4-27 The Airbus A380 flew its first test flight today, with photos available here.
2005-4-6 The Mars rovers have just received extended funding for another 18 months. One of the reasons is the recent cleaning their solar panels received presumably from Martian dust devils.
2005-3-3 The Global Flyer landed in Salina KS today after the pilot Steve Fossett spend 67 hours in the air, becoming the first person to circle the globe non-stop in a jet powered aircraft.
2005-2-9 If you can't wait for NASA's return to the Moon check out these panoramas from the Apollo missions. (Requires Quicktime plugin)
2005-2-1 Check out the new idea to use a Solar super-sail to get a spacecraft to Mars in a month.
2005-1-17 The Boeing 747 has finally been replaced by the Airbus A380 as the largest passenger plane, but its design was unmatched for more than 30 years.
2005-1-14 The Huygens probe has successfully landed on Titan.
2004-12-31 A Martian year in review in multimedia for the two rovers that are still going after 4 times their expected lives.
2004-11-17 NASA scram jet sets speed record of Mach 10.
2004-11-9 The Planetary Society started the countdown for launch of its Solar Sail space craft on what would have been Carl Sagan's 70th birthday.
2004-10-25 Zero Gravity Corp is now offering Weightless Flights aboard a specially modified Boeing 727-200 aircraft, for a substantial fee.
2004-10-04 SpaceShipOne wins the Ansari X Prize and breaks X-15 altitude record.
2004-9-23 AEM Celebrates its 75th Anniversary
2004-8-11 Hypersonic Research Center opens in AEM Department.

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