Personnel Responsibilities

Project Director
Acquires the funds, approves missions, and oversees the overall control of project.
Mission Manager
Gives final Go/No-Go decision for the mission, is in charge of the overall control of mission, ensures that all teams have necessary the equipment, and confirms that all teams are properly trained.
Launch Director
Is in command and in control of launch area during the launch, in charge of setup and cleanup of launch area, launches the balloon, and trains launch team.
Flight Director
Is in command during flight ascent, checks weather predictions before launch, including predicted flight path, tracks the balloon during flight, updates the predicted landing zone, helps recovery team with directions to the landing zone, is in charge of putting out an FAA NOTAM to the nearest operation control tower, communicates with the FAA when required and/or nnecessary, and trains the flight team.
Recovery Director
Is in command during descent and until spacecraft is recovered, Recovers the spacecraft, catalogs actual landing spot, and trains recovery team.
Engineering Director
Ensures command module is fully functional, performs tests on command module equipment, integrates the PI payload with the command module if necessary, provides assistance for the PI concerning the payload, and trains engineering team.
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