Control Science and Dynamical Systems (CSDy)
 Interdepartmental Ph.D. Program

The CSDy Indepartmental Ph.D. Program provides an opportunity for interdisciplinary research in control science and dynamical system theory. The CSDy program coordinates scholarly and scientific activity of these areas within IT and the University and coordinates its activities with industrial firms in the Minnesota region. CSDy faculty are drawn from the Departments of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (AEM), Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering(EE) and Mechanical Engineering, as well as from the Departments of Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics, all in IT, and from the Departments of Economics and Political Science in the fields of behavioral and societal systems. The Co-Directors of the CSDy Center are Professor Gary J. Balas (AEM) and Professor Tryphon Georgiou (EE). 

This has been an exciting year for the CSDy Program. An alumni of the CSDy Program, Dr. Kris Burhardt, was named the new vice president of the Honeywell Technology Center. Professor Bruce Lee of CSDy and Electrical Engineering was his advisor. Dr. Burhardt was formerly a 3M executive and the vice president and chief technology officier at Imation prior to his new position. Dr. Burhardt received his Ph.D. degree in Control Science and Dynamical Systems in 1968 after coming from Poland. Dr. Burhardt looks forward to establishing closer ties with his former department. 

In the Spring Quarter, we had the honor of a seminar by Professor Laszlo Keviczky on "Dialectics of Identification and Control for an Optimal Two Degree of Freedom Controller." Professor eviczky is the current Secretary General of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. This is a government position in Hungary and is equivalent to a Presidential cabinet member in the United States. The Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the CSDy Program have long ties that date back to 1976 when an exchange program was initiated between the two groups. Professor Pat Kumar, currently Associate Dean of the Institute of Technology and member of the CSDy and Electrical Engineering faculty, and Professor Keviczky were instrumental in the establishment of this program. Professor Keviczky was a visiting scholar at the University of Minnesota in 1978. In fact, during his stay at the University of Minnesota Laszlo consulted with Dr. Kris Burhardt, who was then at 3M, on the application of adaptive control methods in manufacturing. Professor Balas has worked over the past 4 years to reestablish our strong relationship with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He has visited Hungary twice since 1994 and will be in Hungary again in November of 1998 as a member of the program committee for the 6th Mini Conference on Vehicle System Dynamics, Identification and Anomalies. 

Currently, the CSDy Program has 9 students pursuing the Ph.D. The majority of these students are Research Assistants working with their advisors on various research projects. Professor Balas serves as CSDy Director of Graduate Studies. 

For more information regarding the Control Science and Dynamical Systems Program contact CSDy at (612) 625-3364, by email, or see the CSDy web page.