Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Freshmen course project featured in Sky and Telescope Magazine

Participants in the AEM freshmen seminar course “Spaceflight with Ballooning” and its partner adult course (offered through the College of Continuing Education) submitted an image which has been selected and featured in Sky and Telescope Magazine this month.  Students launched a weather balloon with several experiments, including a digital camera set to take pictures at 30 seconds intervals.

The course, taught by AEM instructor Prof. James Flaten, examines inexpensive methods for reaching "near-space" (the upper reaches of the atmosphere -- similar to outer space in many respects). The students design and build mini-spacecraft and analyze the data that their mission provides. The photo selected for publication in the Sky and Telescope Gallery, taken from an altitude of just over 100,000 feet, came from the class flight on October 31, 2009.

AEM submitted image is lower left. The magazine spread as seen in May 2010 Sky and Telescope magazine. Page 76 and 77.

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