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Grad student receives NSF fellowship

Tom Schwartzentruber

AEM graduate student Daniel Showers recently received the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Program Fellowship. This prestigious fellowship helps fund tuition and provides a stipend, enabling students to focus on their research and studies.

Showers is an incoming graduate student for fall 2012. He received an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from Clemson University in May. He is currently working with AEM professor Pete Seiler in the area of wind turbine control. He is particularly interested in the areas of modeling, prediction, and control.

“The idea of our research is to use all of the measurements taken by wind turbines in a wind farm, as an inexpensive way of predicting turbine action,” Showers said. “For example, if a wind turbine sees a strong wind gust, the other turbines will know that it is coming and can take appropriate action to minimize structural loads.”

The application process for the fellowship included writing three essays: personal statement, research experience, and proposed research. The essays must demonstrate “intellectual merit” and “broader impacts” are graded by a panel of professors in the proposed field of study.

Showers first became interested in the aerospace field when flying in a Cessna with his grandpa. He became even more interested in the field after participating in NASA internships over summer 2011 and summer 2012.

“The excitement surrounding the industry really got me interested in working there for a career,” Showers said.

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