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Schwartzentruber Receives Young Investigator Award

Prof.Tom Schwartzentruber

Tom Schwartzentruber was selected by the Air Force to receive the 2010 Young Investigators Research Program. The program was created to enhance the early career development of talented young investigators.

Schwartzentruber received his PhD from the University of Michigan in 2007 and joined the UMN January of 2008. His work is in computational fluid dynamics and for this project he will investigate internal energy transfer and dissociation model development using accelerated first-principles simulations of hypersonic flow features. 

"...Competition for the YIP award is intense. This year AFOSR received 202 proposals in response to the AFOSR broad agency announcement solicitation in major areas of interest to the Air Force, " commented AFOSR officials.

Click here to see the official press release from the Air Force.

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