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AEM spotlight:

AEM Women in Engineering

The AEM Graduate Women in Engineering group meets a few times each semester for social activities. Due to the minority of women in this field, the group exists to enable us to stay and in contact and up to date with each other’s research and experiences, as well as to promote women in science.

This year Professor Leo asked me to include the Senior and Junior women in our department in an attempt to extend the impact of this group.

We started this semester with a ‘coffee & cake’ meeting in the AEM graduate lounge in order to get to know each other and to plan some social activities for the rest of the semester. A few weeks later our group was invited to attend an Institute of Technology (IT) pizza lunch. These meetings are held about three times a semester in Walter Library and each time a female guest speaker gives a presentation about her research and her road to success as a female scientist or engineer. Kathy Sanville (Ecolab) was the speaker for the pizza lunch held in September, Carol Drysdale (University of Minnesota) in October and Maries Lopez del Puerto (University of St. Thomas) in November. All three talks were extremely captivating and useful in that they reveled how a woman can succeed in various areas of science and engineering.

"It was very interesting to hear the different ways that people had arrived at this point in their career and some of the obstacles that they had overcome along their journey." Several of the AEM undergraduate students who attended this lunch reported that the conversation was very beneficial to them as it clarified a few unknown facts regarding future applications to graduate school.
Being given the opportunity to coordinate the AEM Graduate Women in Engineering group this semester has been a great experience for me. I have thoroughly enjoyed our meetings and discussions and I look forward to more learning, sharing and inspirational conversations at our social activities in the upcoming Spring semester.

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