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Russell J. Penrose Meets Awarded Penrose Professors

After a long and esteemed career in the aerospace industry, Russell J. Penrose returned to the University of Minnesota to meet the 2012 recipients of his endowed Professorships: Russell J. Penrose Professor Graham Candler and Russell J. Penrose Faculty Fellow Ryan Elliott.

In 1946, Penrose attended the University of Minnesota's Institute of Technology, now the College of Science and Engineering. He graduated in 1949 and pursued an interesting and varied career in the aerospace industry, inventing various circuits and devices and working on the flight director computer of the Stealth fighter.

In the 1980s, Penrose began a new line of work as a philanthropist. He established the Russell J. Penrose Professorship in Aerospace Engineering in October 1990. The purpose of the Professorship is to "obtain and retain distinguished faculty who are outstanding in their teaching and research capabilities. The Professorship is designed to provide the individual who holds this position with the title of this distinction as well as financial resources in recognition of the significant contributions which they are making to their fields as well as to the department."

"Following Russ's example of developing novel aerospace technologies, the research he helps support is contributing to the development of the next generation of hypersonic flight systems," said Professor Candler, recipient of the Russell J. Penrose Professorship. "I really appreciate his support of the Department, and of the Russell J. Penrose professorship, in particular."

Previous Penrose Professors include Daniel Joseph and Richard James. The Penrose Faculty Fellow is a new chaired professorship, and Professor Elliott is the first faculty member to hold the title.

"He is an impressive man who had a fascinating career and continues to lead an active and inspirational life," added Associate Professor Elliott, recipient of the Russell J. Penrose Faculty Fellowship. "Through his generous gifts, Russell has provided us with the opportunity to impact students' lives just as his was impacted by his experience at the U."

For more information on the Penrose Professorships and its recipients, follow this link.

Pictured from left to right: Professor Graham Candler, Associate Professor Ryan Elliott, Russell J. Penrose, and Department Head and Professor Gary Balas.

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