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AEM spotlight:

Garrard and BAEM students launch experiments to space on NASA rocket

Contact: Mary Sandy, 757/218-4496;

Nearly 100 university instructors and students from 21 states saw their experiments rise to the sky at 5:30 a.m. on the morning of June 26 with the successful launch of a NASA suborbital sounding rocket from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.  During the past week, the students have been at Wallops preparing their experiments through a week-long RockOn/RockSat workshop.

The two-stage Terrier-Orion rocket carried the experiments to an altitude of 73 miles.  The experiments were recovered and the students successfully retrieved data from their experiments.

AEM Faculty, William Garrard and three BAEM students William Ung, Bryce Francis Schaefer and
Doug Carlson participated from the University of Minnesota.  The rocket the team built achieved an altitude of about 73 miles or about 120 kilometers (100 kilometers or higher is considered outer space).

The program is conducted in partnership with the Colorado and Virginia Space Grant Consortia with support from NASA. The purpose of the workshop is to teach future scientists and engineers firsthand how to develop experiments for flight on sounding rockets. Faculty and students will carry their new-found knowledge back to their home campuses where they can work on future experiments for flight on subsequent launches.

The UMN effort was sponsored by the NASA funded Minnesota Space Grant of which Garrard is the Director and PI. More information on the MN Space Grant Consortium is available here.




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