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Annual meeting of the NASA space grant consortia held in hangar

On Thursday, September 16th, the Great Midwestern Space Grant Consortia held its annual meeting at the University of Minnesota.  The group was the first to use the Akerman Hall hangar in its newly remodeled state.  The event brought over 120 participants from Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin.  The agenda for the two day series included presentations from NASA officials, student poster sessions, and a series of lectures from esteemed faculty including AEM faculty members, Graham Candler and Richard James.

Paul Dye

Student poster session displayed in the newly renovated hangar.

“There were fifty-two papers in the student poster session and students from Minnesota won first and third prizes in the graduate competition and first prize in the undergraduate competition.  The meeting was a great success,” said MnSpace Grant Director, AEM Prof. William Garrard.

The Minnesota Space Grant Consortium (MnSGC) is part of the NASA funded National Space Grant College and Fellowship program established by Congress in 1988. The Minnesota consortium is run by Prof. William Garrard and Dr. James Flaten.  It provides state-based pre-college education, higher educational research opportunities for faculty and students, and public service activities related to aerospace science and engineering. The mission of the MnSGC is to provide a driving force for aerospace education in Minnesota. For more information on the group, click here.

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