Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Mahesh selected to receive Taylor Distinguished Award for Research

Prof. Krishnan Mahesh

Prof. Krishnan Mahesh was selected to receive this honorable award for the 2010 academic year. Department Head, Prof. Gary Balas comments that this award is recognizing his outstanding ability in research.

The Mr. and Mrs. George W. Taylor Professorship Fund was created by the Taylor Family in the spirit of improving the undergraduate experience in the Institute of Technology. George W. Taylor was a 1934 mechanical engineering graduate of the University of Minnesota. The Taylor family supports numerous awards and initiatives related to undergraduate education within the Institute of Technology.

Prof. Mahesh received his doctorate from Stanford University in 1996. He continued there as a post-doctorate research fellow before joining the University of Minnesota in 2000. His research focuses on Computational Fluid Dynamics. More information on his work can be found here.

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