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AEM spotlight:

Madison OAA award reception and ceremony

On the evening of October 19th, AEM alumnus Tom Madison was honored by AEM Department Head Professor Gary Balas and Regent Dean Johnson at the College of Science and Engineering Leadership Dinner. Prior to the dinner the AEM Department hosted a reception in his honor in the Akerman Hall Hangar.

Prof. Gary Balas, Tom Madison, Dean Steve Crouch at the AEM reception

The Outstanding Achievement Award is given to alumni who have attained unusual distinction and leadership. Of the 500,000 graduates of the University of Minnesota a select 1200 have been chosen to receive this award.

Tom Madison has been a respected and successful business and community leader throughout his career.  Madison graduated from the University of Minnesota Aeronautical Engineering program in 1959 and began his career with Northwestern Bell Telephone Company.  Over the course of the next 36 years, Madison rose to the ranks of CEO (1985-87) of Northwestern Bell which would later become US West Communications. He served as President of US West Communications from 1988-1992.  When he retired, Mr. Madison started MLM Partners, a business consulting and investments company.

Beyond his work in the corporate world, Madison has dedicated an extensive amount of his time and resources to the greater community.  He serves on many educational and community support boards and has maintained a close partnership with the University of Minnesota, attributing his engineering degree as a great foundation for any career.

(Left to Right) AEM Associate Dept Head Prof. Perry Leo, Department Head Prof. Gary Balas, OAA Recipient Tom Madison (AEM) and John Reid who was an OAA recipient nominated by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.


AEM OAA recipient Tom madison with his family to whom he thanks for his success.

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