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Prof. Ellen Longmire is the recipient of 2007 Distinguished Women Scholars Award

Ellen Longmire

Professor Longmire received the 2007 Distinguished
Women Scholars Award from the Graduate School
and Office for University Women.

Ellen Longmire, a professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, was recently awarded the 2007 Distinguished Women Scholars Award. The award is issued jointly by the University of Minnesota Graduate School and the Office for University Women.

The program was established in 2001 to acknowledge and honor the accomplishments of distinguished women scholars at the University; it is issued to two individuals each year, one being from the field of Science and Engineering. Recipients for the award are selected based on:

  • Impact on the field.
  • National and international scholarly reputation.
  • Distinction in undergraduate and graduate education.
  • Contributions to the university, profession and the wider community.

Longmire's research focuses on experimentation and analysis to answer fundamental questions in fluid dynamics that affect industrial, biomedical, and environmental applications.  Recently, her work has focused on single- and multi-phase turbulent flows, liquid/liquid mixtures with surface tension, microscale flows, and biomedical flows. 

Dr. Longmire's group has developed several novel experimental methods allowing the determination of two-dimensional fields of concentration, absolute velocity, and particle slip velocity in multiphase and variable-density flows.  The methods are employed to gain new physical insights into the flows studied and to provide data for testing and validation of numerical models.

Professor Longmire is the recipient of several awards, including a McKnight Land-Grant Professorship and the NSF National Young Investigator Award.

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