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Professor James to give James K. Knowles Lecture

Prof. James

AEM Professor Richard James will be featured as the lecturer at Caltech’s third annual James K. Knowles Lecture and Solid Mechanics Symposium. Professor James is a Distinguished McKnight University Professor and Russell J. Penrose Professor here at the University of Minnesota. His lecture will take place at Caltech on January 27, 2012 and is titled “Materials for the Direct Conversion of Heat to Electricity.”

The lecture will present a new concept for the direct conversion of heat to electricity using phase transformations in multiferroic materials. The reversibility of these phase transformations apparently rests on an issue of elastic compatibility. More information about the research can be found here.

Professor James has written or co-written some 100 articles, has given 35 plenary and named lectureships, and has been awarded numerous honors and awards. Some of his other research areas include thermodynamics of solids, phase transformations, micromagnetics, and multiscale mathematical methods.

The Lecture and Symposium are held in memory of James K. Knowles, a researcher and professor at Caltech for nearly 40 years. He passed away on November 1, 2009.
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