Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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AEM spotlight:


My main project this summer was to survey a commericial autopilot program with software development interfaces. The goal was to see if the autopilot could be used to test experimental high level control algorithms as part of a low cost dynamic testbed. It accomplish this goal I attempted to integrate a neural Network-based adaptive controller into the autopilot. I was able to successfully integrate a portion of the neural network controller, but ran into some time consuming communication software problems that showed the autopilot software development interface may not be as useful as originaly thought. On the other hand I did create a strong base so the work could be easily picked up agian if needed.
  I also worked as part of the ground crew for the flights of the Jet-powered Flight Controls Testbed our programs used and was able to participate in a flight demo at the Association of Unmmanned Vehicle Systems International Conference at the beginning of August.
-Sam Zarovy


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