Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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AEM spotlight:


I’ve been given two projects to work on this summer. In one I’m analyzing data that has been collected on the new J2-X engine. This is a modification from the J2 engine which was used on the Saturn V rocket for the Apollo program and is going to be used on the new Ares rockets.

In the second project I’ve been given the task to design and assist in the development of a main injector which will be used in the engines of the new Lunar Surface Access Module (LSAM). I’ve completed my initial calculations regarding the design and am waiting to receive the schematics for it which are being done by another intern. While I’m waiting on those, I’m helping with modifications being done to the testing facility where this injector will be tested.

At the end of the program the interns at Marshall Space Flight Center held a poster day where we presented our summer projects to the base. At this event, NASA personnel were invited to see what work had been done as well as have a chance to talk with the interns. I had a chance to give a few minute summary of the work that I had done as well as its applications to a number of personnel who stopped by. Following the poster presentation I worked more heavily on my second project for the summer. Up to this point I had been working primarily on the injector design which I described above. Now I spent some more time analyzing data collected on the new J-2X engine being developed for the new Ares rockets. I analyzed different components of the data and presented my findings to both my mentors so that they can use this information in the future. The picture I have included shows me with my poster at the poster day along with both my mentors, Chris Protz (left) and Gregg Jones (right).

-Mark Stole


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